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December 10, 2005

Special Meeting of the City Council was held at 1:00 o’clock P.M.

Present,-President Michitson, Councillors Ryan, Daly O’Brien Fossarelli, Hart, DesMarais, Scatamacchia and Hall

Absent,-Councillor Macek




Councillor Ryan introduced Document 25-I To Wit: ORDERED: That the Mayor be and is hereby authorized to take all steps necessary to effectuate the termination of the MGL c. 121A agreement dated March 21, 1994 as amended, between the City of Haverhill and GHF Realty Limited Partnership and/or their successors or assigns in title, relating to real property located at 145 Ward Hill Avenue, Assessor’s Map 763, Block 3, Lot 1 effective August 12, 2005

PASSED Yeas 8, Absent 1 25-I

Councillor Daly O’Brien introduced Document 72-EEE To Wit: ORDERED: That this order supersedes and replaces the previous ordered Document 72-E dated June 28, 2005 as follows:

That the sum of $124,642,605 be and is hereby raised and appropriated designated as appropriation on the attached and further that said appropriation be funded in the following manner:

  • $ 932,721 Free Cash
  • $ 241,961 Water Receipts
  • $ 268,014 Wastewater Receipts
  • $ 1,246,893 Sale of Real Estate
  • $121,953,016 Taxation
  • Other Receipts $124,642,605

On motion of Councillor Ryan that the document be amended by adding before the words “as follows:” in line two the following: “and further amended by Document 72-EE dated December 6, 2005”, the yeas and nays were as follows:

Yeas,-Councillors Ryan, Daly O’Brien, Hart, DesMarais, Scatamacchia and Hall 6, Nays,-Councillor Fossarelli and President Michitson 2, Absent,-Councillor Macek 1, and MOTION PASSED and PASSED AS AMENDED 72-EEE

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 o’clock P.M.

Yeas 8, Absent 1

Margaret A Toomey
City Clerk

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