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May 26, 2009

Meeting of the City Council was held at 7:00 o’clock P.M.

Present,-President Hart, Councillors Scatamacchia, Ryan, Daly O’Brien, Hall, McGonagle, Donahue and Quimby.
Absent,-Councillor Macek

Records of the last meeting were approved.

Councillor McGonagle was appointed to read the records for the present week.

Notice was received from Mayor Fiorentini of the following appointments to the Forestry Management Committee: Term to expire May 18, 2010.

  • Rob Moore, 68 Madison St., Haverhill
  • Heather McMann, 34 Wharf Lane, Haverhill
  • Larry Olasky, 70 West Meadow Rd., #4, Haverhill



Petition was received from City Engineer John Pettis requesting Discontinuance of a Portion of Marlon st. REFERRED TO PLANNING BOARD and VOTED: that COUNCIL HEARING be held July 28, 2009 62


Communication from Councillor Hall requesting discussion for directional signs from Trinity Episcopal Church.
On motion of Councillor Hall to grant permission at locations stated in letter. (see letter for complete text)
GRANTED Yeas 8, Absent 1 42-U


City Clerk Toomey introduced Document 63 To Wit: Home Rule Petition – “An Act Authorizing the Sale of Certain land by the City of Haverhill in the Town of Boxford” POSTPONED to June 1, 2009 Yeas 8, Absent 1 63

City Clerk Toomey introduced Document 40-D To Wit: ORDERED: That the Mayor is hereby authorized to file an application
with Interagency Permitting Board for the designation of land located on Map 541, Block 620, Lots 62-23 and Map 562, Block 1, Lots 2A and 7A on Newark st to be added to Priority Development Site previously accepted under the provisions of Chapter 43D of MGL as amended pursuant to Sec. 11 of Ch. 205 of the Acts of 2006, and to take any additional action necessary to further set application. GRANTED Yeas 8, Absent 1 40-D

City Clerk Toomey introduced Document 64 To Wit: MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE CHAPTER An Ordinance Relating To: Vehicles and Traffic, Amend Chapter 240 s85, Schedule B: Parking Restrictions and Prohibitions PLACED ON FILE for at least 10 days Yeas 8, Absent 1 64

Meeting adjourned at 7:38 o’clock P.M. Yeas 8, Absent 1

Margaret A Toomey
City Clerk

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