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City of Haverhill July 15, 2011

A Special Meeting of the City Council was held at 11:00 o’clock A.M, Room 202.

Present,-President Hart, Councillors Scatamacchia, Ryan, Young, Hall, LePage, Amirian and Macek.
Absent-Councillor Daly O’Brien.

Councillor Hal was appointed to read the records for this meeting.

ORDERED: That the sum of $823,085 be transferred to/from the following accounts as stated below to close out FY2011
(see document for complete text)
PASSED Yeas 8, Absent 1 16-G

Meeting adjourned at 11:04 o’clock A.M. Yeas 8, Absent 1

Attest: Margaret A Toomey
City Clerk

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