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April 8, 2003


1.Document 21, petition from Attorney Michael J Early representing Edward L Lardier and Michael Panzero, requesting the discontinuance of Bethel st Favorable recommendation with condition from Planning Board & Planning Director
( Item #27)

2.Document 22, petition from Attorney Michael J Early representing Edward L Lardier and Michael Panzero, requesting a special permit to build 9 residential units to be sold as condominiums on Washington, Central and Bethel st being Assessor's Map 500, Block 225, Lots 3A & B and Map 500, Block 226,Lots 1, 27 & 28
Communication from Attorney Michael J Early requesting hearing be continued to a later date


3.Application from Brian J Hudson for Hawker/Peddler license to sell hotdogs, hamburgers, sausages, soda and chips at Winnekenni Castle 347 Kenoza av, Sunday, June 1st 6:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

4.Petition from Haverhill Downtown Association requesting permission for "Arts District Chalk Walk" to close Wingate st from Angles & Art to Wingate lot, Sunday, May 18th, 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. and also requests to hang a banner from Peddler's Daughter to Margot's gallery

5.Petition from Harold Durgin to build a garage within 500' of water, Crystal Lake at 19 Kingfish rd, Assessor's Map 566, Block 3, Lot 7
(Hearing May 6th)

6.Communication from Tim Wynne requesting to address Council regarding posting speed limits in Ayers Village District

7.Communication from John Nazaretian requesting hearing to present Mayor's 2003-2004 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program for City
(Hearing March 15th)

8.Abatement report for month of March 2003 from Board of Assessors

9.Communication from President Bresnahan requesting removal of handicap parking spaces at 18 Hancock st and 20 Marsh av

10.Communication from Councillor Desmarais requesting a discussion and approval of request to management of Pentucket Medical Associates to support two drivers for elderly transportation program at Citizen Center in lieu of impending cutbacks

11.Communication from Councillor Fossarelli requesting, on behalf of Leon Basiliere,to purchase City property, Assessor's Map 523, Block 153, Lot 1 on Groveland st that abuts Mr Basiliere's property.

12.Communication from Councillor Michitson requesting to provide status report on pre-budget analysis by Administration & Finance Committee and the citizen focus group

13.Communication from Councillor Fiorentini requesting handicap parking space at 59 Franklin st

14.Communication from Councillor Fiorentini requesting to introduce representative from Haverhill Historical Society to speak regarding rededication of Visitors Center at 240 Water st


15.Document 55, Order that Document 209 of 1989 and Document 50 of 1995 be amended to increase City fees effective March 26, 2003 Related communications from City Clerk and Mayor

16.Document 56, Order that Document 50 of 1995 be amended to increase Dog fees

17.Document 57, Ordinance re: Sewers Drainlayers License fees

18.Document 58, Ordinance re: Peddling & Soliciting

19.Document 59, Ordinance re: Ambulance Service

20.Document 60, Ordinance re: Amusements Fees

21.Document 61, Ordinance re: Sales, Special

22.Document 62, Ordinance re: Taxicabs and Buses

23.Document 63, Ordinance re: Tag Days

24.Document 64, Ordinance re: Pawnbrokers, Secondhand Articles, Old Gold

25.Document 65, Ordinance re: Fortune Telling

26.Document 68, communication from Councillor Credit requesting Roger Lemire be allowed to address Council regarding school building maintenance problems and proposed increases in City fees


27.Order to grant discontinuance of Bethel st

28.Transfer $100,549.57 from Ledger Accounts Cable TV Royalties, Landfill Facility Ward Hill to Law Expense and Refuse Collection & Disposal

29. Ordinance re: No Through Traffic,Smiley av
( File 10 days)

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