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June 10, 2003


1. Document 94, petition from Verizon New England requesting conduit location on Hoyt rd
(Item #22)

2. Appointments by Mayor:
Adam Young
Kelly Woodworth


3. Applications for license renewals:
Bees Taxi – 18 So Central st - 1 Taxi
Ferrick Moving – 140 Hale st - 2 Trucks
J & J Transportation – 119 Lafayette sq - 2 Vehicles

4. Application for Hawker/Peddler license Cherie Nadeau to sell flowers, balloons, stuffed animals & plants, at Haverhill Stadium across from church, Holidays & day before and day of HHS Graduation

5. Notice of Hearing from Department of Telecommunications & Energy regarding investigation to establish a surcharge to recover costs associated with provision of wireline Enhanced 911 and other related services, June 25th

6. Petition from Mass Electric Company requesting conduit location on Hoyt rd
(Hearing June 24th)

6a. Special Permit application from Circle Development LLC for 18 residential homes on land located off West Lowell av Assessors Map 588, Block 422, Lots 6 & 6X
(Refer to Planning Board) (Council Hearing July 22nd)

7. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of May 2003

8. FY 2003 Statement of Expenditures & Revenues from City Auditor for ten month period ending April 30th

9. Communication from Mayor Guerin requesting that Joseph Terrazzano, Co-Chairman of Parking Commission, address Council regarding progress & initiatives of Commission

10. Communication from President Bresnahan requesting stop sign at intersection of So Williams st and Dalton av

11. Communication from Councillor Fiorentini requesting street light at 12th Avenue playground and also requests discussion regarding condition of playground

12. Communication from Councillor Fiorentini requesting a discussion about when the budget will be submitted to Council and process of determining what City budget will be

13. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding proposed closing of fire stations in Bradford, Rocks Village & Ayers Village

14. Communication from Councillor Michitson requesting to give update on Haverhill Initiative Marketing campaign

15. Communication from Councillor Michitson requesting a discussion to introduce a federal “Safer Fire Fighter” grant program


16. Document 15-I, Ordinance re: Parking 14 Pond st, Handicap Parking

17. Document 15-J, Ordinance re: Parking 136 Winter st, DELETE Handicap Parking

18. Document 34-E, Ordinance re: Parking Sanders Place, DELETE 2-Hour Parking 76 Spaces

19. Document 34-F, Ordinance re: Parking Sanders Place, DELETE 10-Hour Parking 10 Spaces

20. Document 34-G, Ordinance re: Parking Sanders Place Municipal Lot (Behind Tap), 2-Hour Parking, All Spaces

21. Document 48-D, Loan Order - $17,700,000 appropriated for construction of City’s Combined Sewer Overflow Water Pollution Abatement Project Related communication from William J Pauk, Water/Wastewater Superintendent/Engineer


22. Order grant permission Verizon New England conduit location on Hoyt rd

23. Transfer $5,000 from Ledger Account Code Enforcement Fees-Consultant Services to Conservation Commission Salaries

24. Transfer $7,544.00 from Septic System Revolving Account to Interest & Maturities

25. Transfer $24,642.50 from Ledger Account Cable TV Royalties, Code Enforcement Legal Assessments & Consultant Services to Law Expense and Building/Zoning Enforcement Salaries

26. Transfer $51,000.00 from Ledger Accounts Special Health Collection Permits, Haverhill Newspaper Recycling Program and Park Commemorative Trees to Inspection & Health Regulations Salaries and Economic Development & Planning Expense

27. Ordinance re: Parking, 589-591 River st Handicap Parking
(File 10 days)

28. Ordinance re: Parking – Emerson st 1-Hour Parking
(File 10 days)

29. Ordinance re: Parking – 154-156 Winter st Handicap Parking
(File 10 days)

30. Ordinance re: Parking – Emerson st DELETE 30-Minute Parking, from north of Washington sq to south of Walnut st, west side, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
(File 10 days)

31. Ordinance re: CSO (Combined Sewer Overflow) Fees
(File 10 days)

Committee reports


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