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October 21, 2003

1. Appointments by Mayor:

Brian Moriarty - Deputy Fire Chief
Douglas Brown - Fire Captain
Richard Beaudoin - Fire Lieutenant
Kevin Lynch - Police Officer
Samuel J Lucyshyn - Auxiliary Police Officer


2. Application for limousine license from John J Jalbert, Baystate Limos, 8 Limos 102 Hale st

3. Petition from Darlene Beal, Haverhill Community Television requesting to erect 2 signs; 1 at corner of Elm st & Main st and another at corner of Elm st & Lawrence st to direct public to their location at 60 Elm st

4. Communication from Councillor Michitson requesting discussion regarding placing a street light on Ledge rd

5. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding speeding vehicles on Rosemont st, need for signage and police presence

6. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding Mayor and City Solicitor’s approval of Chief of Police contract

7. Petition from Attorney James Waldron, representing Michael DeLuca, requesting a special permit to build 6 units in two buildings, to be sold as condominiums at 116 - 122 Locust st
(Refer to Planning Board) (Council Hearing November 25)


8. Document 15-Q, Ordinance re: Parking 33 South Central st, Handicap Parking


9. Ordinance re: Parking, 18 York st Handicap Parking
(File 10 days)

10. Ordinance re: the Auditorium
(File 10 days)

11. Ordinance re: the Auditorium, Security
(File 10 days)

Committee reports


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