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April 12, 2005


1. Application for Auctioneer license Michael Chambers at 901 South Main st April 18 th, 9:00 AM to 12 noon

2. Petition from Allen W Cann requesting to purchase City property on Riverside av; Map 418, Block 187, Lot 1

3. Petition from Attorney James Waldron representing Robert Pondelli dba Homestead Development LLC requesting Special Permit build cluster residential development, 26 single family homes at Groveland rd; Map 776, Block 788,Lots 6,7,8,9 and 15
(Refer to Planning Board) (Council Hearing May 31 2005)

4. Communication from Councillor Scatamacchia requesting to introduce Joanne Sullivan to discuss LEAP Merrimack Valley! Haverhill, May 13-15

5. Communication from Councillor Fossarelli requesting a discussion regarding speeding automobiles on Ferry rd

6. Communication from Councillor DesMarais requesting to introduce Richard Allyn to give update on progress of auctions for sale of City owned real estate


7. Document 27, application from Attorney James Waldron on behalf of Wintervale Realty Trust requesting Special Permit to build a three-family dwelling on Farrwood Drive; Assessor’s Map 770B,Block 1, Lot 15C-1 Favorable recommendation with conditions from Planning Board & Planning Director


8. Document 4-X, communication from Councillor DesMarais regarding lease of City property for cell tower use

9. Document 9-E, communication from Mayor regarding award of RFP BI.16 (FY05)for lease of City-owned space for wireless communications facilities

10. Document 9-EE, Order authorize Mayor execute lease agreement with Evergreen Wireless Group, LLC in accordance with terms of award letter for RFP #16 FY05

11. Document 13-B, Ordinance re: Parking City Hall Parking

12. Document 25-C, Order City Council authorize to enter into Lease Agreement with BC Walnut Street, LLC for City owned property located on Locust Street Assessor’s Map 300, Block 53, Lot 1


13. Order authorize Haverhill Parking Commission Revolving Fund

14. Transfer $3,000.00 from Surplus Lottery Aid Account to Haverhill Parking Commission Revolving Account

15. Transfer $18,400.00 from Ledger Account Sale of Compost Material to Highway Salaries & Expense

16. Transfer $4,850.00 from Salary Reserve Account to Inspections & Health Salaries

17. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini submitting the following Memorandum of Agreements and Salary Ordinances:

  • B. Ordinance re: Salaries – Water Technical Group (File 10 days)
  • C. Ordinance re: Salaries – Water Department (File 10 days)
  • D. Ordinance re: Wastewater Treatment Plant, Office & Technical (File 10 days)
  • E. Ordinance re: Wastewater Purification (File 10 days)
  • F. Ordinance re: Inspectional & Nursing Services Group (File 10 days)

Committee reports


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