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October 11, 2005

1. Appointment by Mayor:

    • Michael LaBonte
      (To Be Confirmed)


2. Petition for joint pole location from Verizon New England and Mass Electric Co on Gilford st
(Hearing Oct 25 th)

3. Petition from Mass Electric Co for conduit location on North Broadway
(Hearing Oct 25 th)

4. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of September

5. Communication from Councillor Scatamacchia requesting a discussion regarding environmental problems in Johnson’s Pond area

6. Communication from President Michitson requesting to introduce Lynn Murphy of Cultural Council to give update about Creative Community Focus Group


7. Document 31-F, Loan Order: $725,000 for reconstruction/repairs to Whittier School roof

8. Document 31-G, Loan Order: $53,995 for reconstruction/repairs to Greenleaf School Boiler

9. Document 31-H, Loan Order: $55,000 for reconstruction/repairs to High Street Fire Station Roof

10. Document 127-D, communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion regarding the City Hall Parking Ordinance
(Document 13-B, April 12, 2005) (Item #13)

11. Document 127-E, Communication from Councillor Macek requesting a discussion regarding the annual household hazardous waste collection day


12. Order property at 500 Primrose st be declared surplus and also Mayor is authorized to issue request for proposals (RFP)for lease of said premises

13. Ordinance re: Parking, City Hall Parking
(File 10 days) (Revised October 7 2005)

14. Ordinance re: Parking, Delete No Parking of South Chestnut st, from Doane to South Central – west side; from Salem st to Doane st – east side; and from No. 30 to No. 40 inclusive on South Chestnut st
(File 10 days)

15. Ordinance re: Parking, No Parking on east side of South Chestnut st from Doane to Green st
(File 10 days)

Committee reports


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