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March 28, 2006

1. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini regarding Revised School Building Assistance Program

2. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini submitting RFP to lease spaces in the parking lot on Locke st

3. Appointments by Mayor:

    • Carmenza Bruff
      (To Be Confirmed)
    • William Jeffrey


4. Petitions for conduit locations from:

  • a. National Grid on East Broadway
    (Hearing April 11 th)
  • b. National Grid on Sarah J Circle
    (Hearing April 11 th)
  • c. Verizon New England on Walnut st
    (Hearing April 11 th)

5. Application from Mandy Behrmann for handicap parking at 54 Howard st


6. Communication from Police Chief Alan DeNaro requesting to address Council regarding DARE and GREAT Program Partnerships along with Animal Control Partnerships and also to speak regarding Parking Ordinances #’s 15 thru 22

7. Communication from Councillor Hall to make public aware of new law regarding Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Effective March 31 2006

8. Communication from Councillor Hall regarding Maritimes & Northeast Public Scoping Hearing, being held April 5 th, 7:00 PM, Nick Ross Auditorium

9. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion regarding removal of handicap parking spaces at 134 Summer and 62 Howard st


10. Document 31, petition from Attorney Michael Migliori representing NEDA Development requesting a Zoning Change; amend Zoning Map, Chapter 255-8 property at 1116 & 1124 Main st; extend existing Commercial Highway District (CH) southerly to intersection of Rosemont st (current CH Zone terminates at 1144 Main st)Related communication from Attorney Migliori/applicant requesting to postpone hearing to May 2 2006 Recommendation from Planning Director to approve postponement to May 2 2006
(Item #12)


11. Document 29, Ordinance re: Parking – No Parking Blossom st from So Elm st East Side to 101 Blossom & West Side to 96 Blossom st
(filed at least 10 days, February 7 2006)

12. Document 31-B, Ordinance re: Zoning Main st, RM to CH
(filed at least 10 days, March 14 2006)


13. Order that Council authorize Purchasing Dept to dispose of list of obsolete surplus equipment

14. Proclamation – “National Child Abuse Prevention Month”, April 2006

15. Ordinance re: Parking – Phoenix Row Parking Lot-Along the River DELETE 2 hour parking
(File 10 days)

16. Ordinance re: Parking – Phoenix Row Parking Lot-Along the River No Parking-7 AM-8 AM Mon-Fri inclusive
(File 10 days)

17. Ordinance re: Parking – Phoenix Row Parking Lot-Along the River All spaces, 10 hours Mon-Fri 8 AM-6 PM
(File 10 days)

18. Ordinance re: Parking – Washington av EAST SIDE (Delete 2 hour parking) Washington av from train station driveway heading north for 230 ft; 24 hours, 7 days a week
(File 10 days)

19. Ordinance re: Parking – Washington av EAST SIDE, Washington av from train station driveway heading north for 230 FT 10 hour parking, 6 AM-6 PM
(File 10 days)

20. Ordinance re: Parking – Locke st, DELETE 2 hr parking; Locke st from Duncan to Essex st, West side, Limited 2 hr, 24 hrs
(File 10 days)

21. Ordinance re: Parking – No Parking Limits – Entire length of Granite st on both sides-north & south, Unlimited parking, 24 hours, 7 days a week
(File 10 days)

22. Ordinance re: Parking – Wingate st Parking Lot – the whole lot, No Parking 7 AM-8AM, Monday-Friday inclusive
(File 10 days)

23. Ordinance re: Stop Signs, Millvale rd South, at intersection of Middle rd
(File 10 days)

24. Ordinance re: Stop Signs, Altamont st North, at intersection of Brook st
(File 10 days)

Committee reports


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