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July 11, 2006

1. Appointments by Mayor:

CONSTABLES to expire July 12 2007

  • Paul Minsky
  • Steven Ring
  • James W Humphries III
  • Richard P Holmes
  • Ronald E Bertheim
  • Richard C Broadnax
  • Charles Massa Jr
  • Philip R Cleversey
  • Gerald A Sewell
  • David E Hall


2. Applications for licenses:

Buy & Sell Second Hand Clothing Jennie’s, 133 Merrimack st

  • a. Michele M Edwards
  • b. Debra A Riley Buy & Sell Second Hand Articles Jennie’s, 133 Merrimack st
  • c. Michele M Edwards
  • d. Debra A Riley

3. Petitions from Davco Excavators requesting to open:

  • a. 10-12 Caledonia st, to install new water/sewer services
    (Item #11)
  • b. 145-151 Essex st, to install water services for fire sprinklers
    (Item #12)

4. Application from Lewis Builders Inc requesting Special Permit to amend Zoning Code, Table of Use & Parking Regulations Ch 255, property off Hilldale av be rezoned to IP (Industrial Park) from RR (Rural Residential) Assessor’s Map 585 Block 431, Lot 19
(Refer to Planning Board) (Council Hearing September 12 th)

5. Petition from National Grid requesting conduit location on Sherman av
(Hearing July 25 th)

HEARING (M.G.L. Ch. 166)

6. Document 76, petition from Verizon New England and Mass Electric Co requesting joint pole location on Groveland rd
(Item #9)


7. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding the condition of the Parks Dept barn at 305 Kenoza av


8. Document 70, petition from Nels Palm for Merrimack Towers LLC requesting a Special Permit for multifamily dwellings in the IG District on land between Railroad av and Merrimack River; with maximum of 134 one and two bedroom units to be sold as condos Assessor’s Map 711, Block 4, Lots 3,4 and 4A and Map 712, Block 684, Lot 1 Favorable conditional recommendation from Planning Board and Planning Director Related communication from Paul Jessel, Water/Wastewater Dept


9. Document 76-B, Order grant Verizon New England & Mass Electric Co joint pole location on Groveland rd

10. Document 82, Ordinance re: A Brightside Commission
(Filed 10 days June 27 th)


11. Order grant permission Davco Excavators to open 10-12 Caledonia st to install new water/sewer services

12. Order grant permission Davco Excavators to open 145 & 151 Essex st to install water services for fire sprinklers

13. Order authorize Mayor to sign/execute “Addendum 3” to a certain lease agreement between City and Hill View Montessori Charter Public School for premises at 555 Washington st also known as the Bartlett School

14. Transfer $7,945.46 from account Water Treatment Chemical Expense to Water Health Insurance

15. Appropriate $125,000 from Stabilization and transfer to Haverhill Public School Department

16. Transfer $73,081.02 from list of departmental accounts as stated to close out FY06

Committee reports

Councillor Scatamacchia submits Minutes of Planning & Development Committee meeting held on June 29th


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