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November 20, 2007

1. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini requesting a Mayor/Council conference to give updated report on City’s finances including FY09 estimates


2. Applications for licenses:

    • Pedro Diego’s, 35 Washington st - 1 Machine
    • Skateland, 19 Railroad av - 9 Machines
    • Cheerleaders Sports Bar & Grill 46 Washington st - 5 Machines
    • Skateland - 9 Sunday Machines
    • Cheerleaders Sports Bar & Grill - 5 Sunday Machines

3. Communication from Haverhill Downtown Association announcing the Christmas Stroll; Sunday December 2nd at 6:00 pm on Merrimack st, Washington sq, Washington st Columbus Park and Wingate st; and also requesting permission for several other related items

4. Petition from John Davidowicz/Davco Excavators requesting to open 25-43 Lafayette sq to install water service to the building
(Item #18)


5. Communication from Councillor Hetel requesting a discussion regarding the appearance of the Gerson Furniture building at 181 Washington av

6. Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding dangerous/deplorable conditions of the Rocks Village Fire Station

HEARINGS (M.G.L. Ch. 166)

7. Document 100, petition from Verizon New England and MA Electric Co requesting joint pole location on Broadway-Rte 97
(Item #10)

8. Document 101, petition from Verizon New England and MA Electric Co requesting conduit location on Broadway-Rte 97
(Item #11)


9. Document 102, communication from Board of Assessors for Tax Classification for FY 2008
(Item #’s 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17)


10. Order grant permission for joint pole location to Verizon NE and MA Electric Co for Broadway/Route 97

11. Order grant permission for conduit location to Verizon NE and MA Electric Co for Broadway/Route 97

12. Order that residential factor for fiscal year 2008 be adopted as

13. Order that City shall adopt a commercial exemption

14. Order that City Council shall adopt a residential exemption

15. Order that City shall select an open space discount factor

16. Order that City Council of City of Haverhill hereby accepts provisions of Mass Gen Laws, Chpt 59, Sect 5, Clauses 17E and 41D with respect to Permanent acceptance of annual C.P..I. index increase to tax exemptions for the elderly

17. Order that City Council accept 100% of C.P.I. (Consumer Price Index) increase reported by the State for F.Y. 2008 Exemptions. The 2008 C.P.I. amount is 4.3%

18. Order grant permission Davco Excavators to open 25-43 Lafayette sq to install water service for fire sprinklers

19. Order authorize Purchasing Dept to proceed with final disposition of list of obsolete surplus equipment

20. Order – Amend FY 2009 Budget Document 74 Of June 26 2007 – reduce amount to be
raised & appropriated by $598,000 and replace by an appropriation from Free Cash in amount of $598,000 and transfer to Debt Service

21. Order – Rescind previous Order Document 74-C of June 26 2007 and thereby reduce amount to be raised & appropriated by $1,202.970

22. Order authorize Mayor to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to retain consultant services for purposes of evaluating management structure, practices& operations of the Public Works Department

23. Ordinance re: Parking, Woodcock av No Parking, East side from Brook st South side for 425 ft to Driveway of 19 Woodcock av
(file 10 days)

24. Ordinance re: Parking, Katsaros dr No Parking, both sides from Groveland st to Brown st (file 10 days)

25. Ordinance re: Stop Sign, Add stop sign at intersection of South Elm st & South Prospect st (file 10 days)

26. Ordinance re: Parking, Amend – South Pleasant st, No Parking Ordinance to 30 Minute Parking (South Pleasant st @ South Main st, West for 62’ South side
(file 10 days)

27. Ordinance re: Heavy Commercial Vehicles Restrict Truck traffic to 26,000 pounds (10 wheelers or smaller) on Lawrence rd at intersection of Salem st to intersection of Groveland rd
(file 10 days)

Committee reports


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