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December 11, 2007

1. Appointments by Mayor:

    • Mary Ellen McEvoy-Lawlor
    • Irene Wimberley Burton


2. Applications for licenses:

    • Valley Forum Ice Rink, 7 Parkridge rd 12 Coin-ops
    • Pilgrim Lanes, 600 Primrose st 40 Coin-ops
    • Valley Forum Ice Rink 12 Sunday Machines
    • Pilgrim Lanes 40 Sunday Machines

3. Applications for Tag Days from HHS Boys Swim Team, December 21, 22, 23

4. Application for 2008 Drainlayer license from James Cheney


5. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion regarding request for stop sign on Doane st at intersection of South Pine st


6. Document 97, application for Special Permit from Attorney James Waldron representing
Trident Management Corp, to build a 4-unit multifamily dwelling at 51 Webster st; Assessor’s Map 203, Block 34, Lot 1A to be used as apartments Favorable conditional recommendation
from Planning Board and Planning Director

7. Document 99, petition for hearing re: Zoning – Rezoning of Armory property on Kenoza av – City of Haverhill Place entire property in the CC Zone (Commercial Central) Favorable recommendation from Planning Board and Planning Director
(Item #8)


8. Document 99-B, Ordinance re: Zoning Rezoning of Armory property on Kenoza av – Place entire property in the CC Zone(Commercial Central) filed 10/23/07


9. Order – Cancel following City Council meetings: January 1, 2008 (New Year’s Day holiday); February 5, 2008 (Presidential Primary); September 16, 2008 (State Primary); November 4, 2008(State Election) and November 11, 2008 (Veterans Day holiday)

10. Ordinance re: Zoning – Amend Zoning Code Chapter 255, “Article XV” Demolition Delay
Related communication from City Solicitor William Cox Jr
(File 10 days)

11. Ordinance re: Parking – 92-96 River st Delete Loading Zone; 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday
(File 10 days)

12. Ordinance re: Parking – Time Limited One-Hour Parking, Monday-Friday between hours of 8 am & 6 pm, in front of 92-96 River st
(File 10 days)

13. Ordinance re: Parking – Time Limited 2-Hour Parking, Three spaces in front of 29 Middlesex st; 7 am to 7 pm Sunday to Saturday
(File 10 days)

14. Ordinance re: Parking, Delete Handicap parking at 77 Cedar st
(File 10 days)

Committee reports


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