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March 4, 2008

1. Appointments by Mayor:

    • Diane Boulanger-Prescott
    • Brent Baeslack


2. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting an update from Mayor regarding School Building Authority Award of $5.4 million from HHS

3. Communication from Councillor Daly O’Brien requesting discussion regarding parking issues for downtown, historical district, around Court House and Ginty blvd


4. Document 28, petition from Verizon New England and MA Electric Co for Boardman st (plan 684)

4b. Document 28-B, Order grant joint pole location to Verizon NE & MA Electric Co
for Boardman st (plan 684)

5. Document 14, petition for Hearing from William Pillsbury/City of Haverhill regarding Zoning: a Waterfront Interim Planning Overlay District Favorable recommendation from Planning Board and Planning Director

5b. Document 14b, Ordinance re: Waterfront Interim Planning Overlay District filed 2/19/08


6. Document 37, communication from Councillor Hall submitting recommendations of Traffic
& Safety Committee meeting held January 24 2008


7. Order authorize the Mayor to amend the Third Cost Sharing Agreement between Aggregate Industries-Northeast Region, Inc. and the City of Haverhill to allow Aggregate to obtain and place additional grading material on the City-owned, as well as the Aggregate-owned, portion of the landfill.

8. Order that Order No. 48 of the City Council approved by the Mayor on March 13, 2003, which appropriated and authorized borrowing $27,520,000 for remodeling, reconstructing and making repairs to the Haverhill High School is amended to provide that $32,920,000 is appropriated for remodeling, reconstructing and making extraordinary repairs to Haverhill High School, including original equipment and landscaping, paving and other site improvements incidental or directly related thereto; that to meet this appropriation the Treasurer with the approval of the Mayor is authorized to borrow $32,920,000

9. Ordinance re: Parking, Myrtle Street– No Parking

10. Ordinance re: Stop Signs – Doane Street at intersection of South Pine Street

11. Ordinance re: No Parking – Delete existing Ordinance for 2-Hour Parking at Lewis Street from Charles St to Lancaster St, East Side

12. Ordinance re: No Parking – Add no Parking at Lewis St from Charles St to Lancaster
St, East Side

13. Councillor Scatamacchia submits minutes of Planning & Development Committee held on February 25 2008

Committee reports


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