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April 22, 2008


1. Application for 2008 Drainlayer license from Donald Kohl

2. Applications for Special License to sell alcoholic beverages from:

  • a. Sharon Cohen at Riverfront Park May 1st, 12 noon to 6 pm
  • b. Jenna Babbidge at Winnekenni Castle Sept 13th, 5 pm to 10 pm
  • c. Daniel Wentworth at Winnekenni Castle May 3rd, 6 pm to 8 pm

3. Petition from Gerald Pittorino/Pitt Pipeline requesting to open 152 Lafayette sq to complete work

3a. Order Council grant Pitt Pipeline open 152 Lafayette sq to install fire, water & drainage systems

4. Communication from William Pillsbury Community Development Director requesting to submit 2008-2009
Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and Resolution

4a. RESOLUTION – Authorizing Mayor to submit amended consolidated consolidated plan for Community
Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)


5. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting to introduce John McCarthy to request that Saturday, April 26th be recognized as Rebuilding Together Greater Haverhill Inc Day and also that all fees but not inspections
be waived

6. Communication from Councillor Donahue requesting to have New England Rain Barrel give a presentation on water conservation

7. Communication from Councillor Macek requesting to discuss illegal placement of signs on telephone poles and public property


8. Document 39-D, Ordinance re: No Parking Delete Existing Ordinance for 2-Hr parking at Lewis st from Charles st to Lancaster st, East side filed 3/4/08

9. Document 39-E, Ordinance re: No Parking Add No Parking at Lewis st from Charles st to Lancaster st, East Side filed 3/4/08

10. Document 49-C, Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion regarding Parking Ordinance Doc 29-E/85 (Item #’s 18 & 19)

11. Document 54, Ordinance re: Boats and Boating filed 4/8/08

12. Document 55, Ordinance re: Senior Citizen Tax Incentive Program filed 4/8/08

13. Document 56, Ordinance re: Littering filed 4/8/08


14. Order authorize Mayor to waive water connection fees and street opening permit fees for Veterans of Foreign Wars Lorraine Post 29 at 64 Kenoza st

15. Order authorize Mayor to waive certain water wastewater, engineering and stormwater fees for Merrimack Valley Hospice located at 463 North av

16. PROCLAMATION – Armenian Martyr’s Day April 24 2008

17. PROCLAMATION – Arbor Day April 25 2008

18. Ordinance re: Parking, Amend Doc 29-E/85 for Lewis st from Winter st to Charles st, No Parking
East Side
(File 10 days)

19. Ordinance re: Parking, from Lewis st to Lancaster st – No Parking Restrictions (West Side)
(File 10 days)

Committee reports

Chairperson Councillor Scatamacchia submits minutes for Whittier District Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Held on April 16rh


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