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June 24, 2008

1. Appointments by Mayor:

    • Paul Malone
    • David Currier


2. Applications for License Renewals:

    • Mark Mollica “Black Tie Limousine” 37 Limos, 25 Bond st
    • Jennifer Meserve “Robert Michael’s Limousine Service”, 4 Limos 234 Water st
    • Brian Ross “Haverhill Music Ctr” 2 Washington st
    • “Trinity EMS”, 9 Ambulances 7 Stewart st
    • “American Medical Response”, 101 Winter st 7 Ambulances
    • “Central Wheelchair”, 9 Vehicles 142 Essex st
    • “Trinity EMS”, 3 Vehicles 7 Stewart st

3. Applications for Special License to sell alcohol from:

  1. Elks, 24 Summer st, October 13th 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  2. J William Carrington, Winnekenni Castle July 19th, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

4. Application to close street for Outdoor Rally from Oscar Thomas/Haverhill Elks at 24 Summer st, October 13th - close Newcomb st from Summer to Cherry st

5. Application for Hawker/Peddler license from Jonathan Lewis to sell hot dogs, chips, soda, water, chili and Gatorade at Winnekenni Area – Rte 110, Sunday – Saturday, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

6. Application for handicap parking sign from Jose M Maysonet, 20 Hancock st

7. Petitions from National Grid for conduit locations at:

  1. West Lowell av - Plan 3860894 (Hearing July 22nd)
  2. Essex st - Plan 449314 (Hearing July 22nd)

8. Application for Inflammable license from Kevin Gottwald “Global Communications” to store an additional 6,000 gallons diesel fuel underground at 297 Lincoln av for 24,000 gallons total underground (Hearing Aug 12th)

9. Petition from Vin Ouellette/City of Haverhill requesting to hang banner at corner of Salem & So Main st – June 25th – July 5th to announce City’s July 4th Celebration, “Honoring Our Veterans” 6-10 PM with Fireworks
July 3rd, 10 PM


10. Communication from Councillor Macek requesting to discuss disturbances & illegal usage of recreational vehicles in area of Vale st, Hilldale av, Srybny av and to introduce Atty Elise Hoffman & Bill Czerepak from Country Hollow Village Condos to speak to the issue

11. Communication from Councillor Scatamacchia requesting a discussion regarding guardrails between Kenoza av & Gile st

12. Communication from Councillor Macek requesting a discussion regarding road opening permits and trenching requirements

13. Communication from Councillor Scatamacchia requesting a discussion regarding no parking in front of 430 Hilldale av


14. Document 20-E, Ordinance re: Parking 35 Altamont st, Delete Handicap Parking

15. Document 20-F, Ordinance re: Parking 60 Franklin st, Handicap Parking

16. Document 40-B, Loan Order $600,000 for costs related to closure of Old Haverhill Landfill located off Groveland rd

16b. Resolution – Authorize Mayor to file application with MA Dept of Environmental Protection for State Financial Assistance for Water Pollution Abatement Projects


17. Transfer $18,000 from Wastewater Salary Accounts, Medicare & Health Insurance to Wastewater Expense, Sludge Disposal (2008)

18. Transfer $20,000 from Water Expense, Chemicals to Water Capital Account (2008)

19. FY 2009 Annual Budget - $139,956,611 raised & appropriated as so designated and funded

20. Appropriate $7,323,271 as part of FY 2009 budget, to operate Water Dept - $7,528,107 to come from Water Revenue, $104,613 to come from Water available fund balance & $309,449 be appropriated in General Fund and funded from Water receipts

21. Appropriate $7,795,266 as part of FY 2009 budget, to operate Wastewater Dept - $7,793,936 to come from Wastewater Revenue, $104,613 to come from Wastewater available fund balance and $3191,774 be appropriated in General Fund and funded from Wastewater receipts

22. FY2009 Budget – Raise and Appropriate $985,460 and transfer to Stabilization

23. Authorization of Recreation and Parks Revolving Fund

24. Authorization of Citizen Center Rental Account Revolving Fund

25. Authorization of Haverhill Parking Commission Revolving Fund

26. Authorization of Wood School Daycare Revolving Fund

27. Authorization of Veteran’s Memorial Skating Rink Revolving Fund

28. Authorization of Crowell School Daycare Revolving Fund

29. Authorization of Council on Aging Activities Account Revolving Fund

30. Ordinance re: Parades and Processions (File 10 days)

31. Ordinance re: Salaries – All Departments Non-Union (File 10 days)

32. Ordinance re: Salaries – Administrative& Professional Positions (File 10 days)

33. Ordinance re: Two Stop Signs – add stop sign at intersection of Harding av & Stetson st and at intersection of Stetson st and Harding av (File 10 days)

34. Ordinance re: Parking, 5 Ford st Handicap Parking (File 10 days)

35. Ordinance re: Parking, 23 Howard st Handicap Parking (File 10 days)

36. Ordinance re: Parking, 20 Broad st Handicap Parking (File 10 days)

37. Ordinance re: Parking, 7A Tremont st Handicap Parking (File 10 days)

Committee reports


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