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February 2, 2010

1. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini requesting to address Council to give an update of the FY11 Revenue and Expense projection

2. Appointments by Mayor:

  • CONSTABLE to expire January 27 2011
    • Thomas Daggett
    • Ernest Simpson-associate member expires 1/29/2011 (To Be Confirmed)
    • Randolph Sablich expires 1/29/2015 (To Be Confirmed)
    • Alan DeNaro – Lock-Up Keeper, 1 yr
    • Michael Ingham – Soldiers’ Relief & Burial Agent, 1 yr
    • Robert DeFusco – Chief Procurement Officer, 2 yrs
    • Michael Stankovich – Tree & Forest Warden, Gypsy Moth Control Superintendent & Fence Viewer, 1 yr
    • Michelle Hamel- Poundkeeper, 1 yr


3. Application for license:

  • LIVERY - - Dean Manemanus, 1 Vehicle 236 Winter st

4. Communication from Denise Johnson, Constituent Services Rep, Office of Congresswoman Niki Tsongas requesting to hang 2 Census banners-
1 across So Main st & another across Merrimack st near Bank of America building; March 1st through April 30th; for 2010 U.S. Census


5. Communication from Councillor Scatamacchia requesting a discussion regarding a Home Rule Petition on behalf of Gary Tuck Jr


6. Document 116, petition from James H Lyons, Trustee Dennysville-Lyons Realty Trust requesting City accept Lyons Farm rd as a public street
Conditional Favorable recommendation from Planning Board &Planning Director postponed from 1/26/2010

6a.Document 116-B, Order to acceptLyons Farm rd as a Public Streetpostponed from 1/26/2010


7. Document 5, Communication from Councillor Ryan requesting a discussion regarding the future of the Woolworth Building and other pending City issues


8. Order – Emergency be declared re health& safety of the public in accordance with Section 31D Chpt 44 General Laws, providing for payment in excess of appropriation for Snow & Ice removal


9. Order – Real property at 551 Washington st, aka Bartlett School (formerly used as a school) be declared surplus and also Mayor is authorized to issue a
request for proposals for sale of said real property

10. Ordinance re: Stormwater Management Chpt 219 (File 10 days)

Committee reports


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