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March 9, 2010

1. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini requesting to address Council and also to submit contract between Superior Police Officer Union and City of Haverhill

2. Appointment by Mayor:

  • Scott Wood


3. Applications for Tag Days:

  1. HHS Classical Academy March 21st
  2. HHS Girls Softball April 15,16,17
  3. Amvets Ladies Auxiliary July 9 & 10

4. Applications for 2010 Drainlayer licenses:

  1. Raymond Fraser
  2. Ronald LaPlume
  3. James Rau


5. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of February

6. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion about zoning at Ward Hill Business Park

7. Communication from William Pillsbury Economic Development & Planning Director requesting to extend Zoning Ordinance – WIPOD (Waterfront Interim Planning Overly District) for an additional 3 month as provided for in the Ordinance (Said Ordinance adopted March 2009 and was granted a 6 month extension by Council, September 2009)


8. Document 4, petition from Attorney Timothy Schiavoni for Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston requesting to amend Zoning Ordinance to Rezone a
portion of Lot 1A-2 Assessors Plan 419, Block 171, 110-114 Lincoln av; from Residential High Density (RH) District to a Commercial Medical (CM)District and also requesting to Amend Uses permitted in a Commercial Medical (CM) District to include a Bank and/or other Financial Institution
Favorable recommendation from Planning Board & Planning Director (Item #’s 8a. & 8b.

8a. Document 4-B, Ordinance re: ZoningTable of Use & Parking Regulations Section 255, Zoning, Table 1 Amend Table 1 Page 6, “Bank and/or
other financial institution (drive- through and or non-drive-through)” to be amended by replacing the not permitted dash )”-“) with “P” for permitted in the CM Zone (filed 2/24/10)

8b. Document 4-BB, Ordinance re: Zoning 110-114 Lincoln av, transfer lot 1A-2 from RH (Residential High Density) to CM (Commercial Medical Services) (filed 2/24/10)

9. Document 12, Petition from James Kater requesting City accept Falcon Lane as a public way (Item #9a)

9a. Document 12-B, Order City accept Falcon Lane as a public way Related communication from James Kater requesting to WITHDRAW PETITION
for street acceptance of Falcon LaneRecommendation to allow Withdrawal of petition from Planning Board and Planning Director

10. Document 28, City of Haverhill submits Order to Demolish building at 107 High st; Assessor’s Map 519, Block 311, Lot 1


11. Document 16-DD, Ordinance re: Parking 15 Varnum st, Add 1 Handicap Parking Space (filed 2/24/10)

12. Document 22, Order real property at 551 Washington st, aka Bartlett School (formerly used as a school) be declared surplus and also Mayor
is authorized to issue a request for proposals for sale of said real property

13. Document 22-B, Order declare portion surplus, premises at 500 Primrose st; Assessor’s Map 649, Block 611, Lot 2 for purposes of leasing to install
wireless communications equipment & also Authorize Mayor to issue RFP for purposes of locating a cell tower on said portion

Committee reports


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