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June 15, 2010

1. Communication from Mayor Fiorentini submitting Memorandum of Agreements from:

  1. Haverhill Police Patrolmen Association
  2. Conservation Officer/Dog Officer/Police Mechanic/Bldg Maintenance Craftsman/ Building Custodian – Teamsters Group


2. Application for Tag Day from Boys & Girls Club on July 17th

3. Application for Block Party from Christine Rau; Studley st to Silver st July 3rd until 11 pm

4. Applications for Special License for Sale of Alcoholic Beverages from:

  1. Grace Marcoux/Winnekenni Foundation at Winnekenni Castle on June 17th from 6-10 PM for Wine & Cheese Reception
  2. Keri Budek/Whittier Vo-Tech Class of “1992” at Winnekenni Castle on June 19th from 6-10PM for Class Reunion
  3. Roseann McMenemy at Winnekenni Castle July 10th, 12 noon to 6 pm for Wedding Reception
  4. Grace Marcoux/Winnekenni Foundation at Winnekenni Castle on August 8th from 11 am–6 pm for Chowderfest

5. Applications for Drainlayer license for 2010 from:

  1. Robert Pondelli
  2. Philip Farmer

6. License applications:

  • BOWLING All Saints Parish Bowling Center 120 Bellevue av 10 Lanes
  • ROLLER SKATING RINK Skateland, 19 Railroad av
  • SUNDAY ROLLER SKATING Skateland – 37 Sundays

7. Petitions to Hang Banners:

  1. Vin Ouellette/Director of Human Resources requesting banner at corner of Salem & South Main st from June 16th to July 6th to announce Annual July 4th Celebration being held July 3rd, 6 pm-9 pm with fireworks at 9 pm
  2. Kara Kosmes/Haverhill School Dept requesting banner across South Main st in front of Kimball Tavern to announce FREE summer lunch for
    summer months beginning July 7th
  3. Larry Giordano/Foster Kids of Merrimack Valley requesting banner across South Main st July 12th to July 24th to announce First Annual
    Motorcycle Benefit Ride held July 24th

8. Applications for Handicap Parking Signs from:

  1. Joanne Champey for 65 Howard st (new application)
  2. Barbara A Bergeron for 92 Margin st (new application)
  3. Jeanne Rampulla for 53 Hancock st (renewal)
  4. Anna Byra for 17 Arch av (renewal)
  5. Joyce Crockett for 35 Arch av (renewal)
  6. William Zoulias for 69 Harrison st (renewal)

9. Application from James Kater/Falcon Realty Trust requesting City acceptFalcon Lane as a public way
(Refer to Planning Board)(Council Hearing July 27th)

10. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of May


11. Communication from Councillor Young requesting to present citations to Whittier Regional Vocational Technical High School employees John Biafore and Harry Takesian

12. Communication from Councillor Macek submitting a request from Triad Associates to renew their lease at 100 Downing av

13. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting a discussion regarding removal of handicap parking sign that is no longer needed at 35 Altamont st


14. Document 52, Petition from Attorney Don Conn for Annette Zervelis requesting Zoning Change to All Commercial Highway for property at 1247 Main st Parcel ID 638-2-1B Favorable Recommendation With Conditions from Planning Board and Planning Director

14b.Document 52-B, Ordinance re: Zoning 1247 Main st, Rezone from RH/CH Zone to CH Zone

15. Document 55, Petition from Attorney William Early for owners D & D Realty Trust and Carl & Aida Khalil for property located on Orchard st; to construct 4, 4-unit buildings (16 total) each 3 bedrooms Recommendation from Planning Director to Postpone the Hearing to September 7th

Related communication from Attorney William Early requesting to postpone Hearing to September 7 2010


16. Document 63, Order authorize Mayor to file applications and execute agreements regarding engineering services & construction relating to closure of Old Haverhill Landfill located off Old Groveland rd

16b. Document 24-B, Loan Order Appropriate $14,365,000.00 in addition to $6,483,587.00 previously appropriated for purpose of financing the cost of engineering services and construction relating to closure of old Haverhill landfill located off Old Groveland rd (filed 5/26/10)


17. Transfer $342,166.00 from the following City Departments:

  • $286,655.00 Other-Budget Reserve
  • 24,000.00 Health/Inspection Salaries
  • 20,000.00 Parks Sals
  • 11,000.00 Building Maint Sals
  • 500.00 Conservation Sals
  • 11.00 Assessor Expenses

into the following accounts:

  • $ 1,000.00 City Council Salaries
  • 1,200.00 Mayor Expenses
  • 11.00 Assessor Sals
  • 3,850.00 Legal Sals
  • 50,000.00 Legal Expenses
  • 3,700.00 Information Tech Sals
  • 500.00 Conservation Expenses
  • 11,000.00 Building Maint Expenses
  • 27,500.00 Highway Sals
  • 191,000.00 Snow & Ice Expenses
  • 25,000.00 Veterans Expenses
  • 27,405.00 Furlough Undistributed

18. Order authorize payment of legal bills of previous years and also payment from current year departmental appropriations

19. Ordinance re: Parking, 39 Freeman st DELETE Handicap Parking (File 10 days)

20. Ordinance re: Parking, 2 Forrest av DELETE Handicap Parking (File 10 days)

21. Ordinance re: Parking, 84 Blossom st DELETE Handicap Parking (File 10 days)

22. Ordinance re: Salaries - Inspectional & Nursing Services Group (File 10 days)

23. Ordinance re: Salaries - Highway Dept (File 10 days)

24. Ordinance re: Salaries - Park Dept (File 10 days)

25. Ordinance re: Salaries - Conservation Officer/Animal Control Officer/Mechanic Bldg Maintenance Craftsperson/Building Custodian Group (File 10 days)

26. Ordinance re: Salaries - Law Enforcement Police Officers (File 10 days)

27. Ordinance re: Salaries – Citizen Center (File 10 days)

28. Ordinance re: Salaries – AFSCME Group Wastewater(File 10 days)

Committee Reports


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