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Rm 204, 7:00PM November 30, 2010

1. Appointments by Mayor:

  • Stavros Dimakis
  • Sam Meas


2. Application for Special License to sell alcoholic beverages from Spanish United of Haverhill for Christmas Party at Citizen Center 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM Saturday, December 11th

3. Petition from Tomasz Woronko for Hilary Woronko requesting to purchase City property abutting her property at Hillcrest av; Assessor’s Map 534 Block 28, Lot 145

4. Petition from Verizon New England& Mass Electric requesting permission for joint pole location on Liberty st; Plan 701
(Hearing Dec 21st)

5. Communication from Richard L Dinges requesting to withdraw request forSpecial Permitwith Hearing scheduled for December; to build 3-family condo units on Form A lot 3 Keeley st formerly part of 536 Water st Assessor’s Map 416, Block 150, Lot 1


6. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting to submit a traffic Ordinance for Lafayette sq

7. Communication from Councillor Hall requesting to introduce Patricia Gleason of the Haverhill Community Violence Coalition


8. Document 100, petition from Attorney Michael Migliori for John P Giordano requesting Special Permit to build a
single-family residence at 90 Amesbury rd WITHIN 500’ OF WATER SUPPLY Assessors’ Map 465, Block 3, Lot 2A
Comments from City Departments received as of this date are included postponed from 11/16


9. Document 17-LL, Order to accept City’s early retirement incentive program proposed plan as submitted postponed from 11/9


10. Order to hold Council meeting on December 21st and cancel the meeting scheduled for December 28th

11. Order Amend FY 2011 BudgetDocument 59-B dated June 29 2010 by reducing the following amounts to be raised and appropriated: Debt Service by $200,000 School Expenses by $677,304 and further appropriate $53,000 from Free Cash to fund FY 2011 Expenditures

12. Ordinance re: Parking, 35 Oak ter Add 1 Handicap Parking Space (File 10 days)

13. Ordinance re: Parking, 2 Ford st Delete Handicap Parking (File 10 days)

14. Ordinance re: Parking, 62 So Central st Delete Handicap Parking (File 10 days)

15. Councillor Hall submits Minutes of the Public Safety Committee Meeting held on November 17th

Committee Study List


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