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Room 204, 7:00 PM April 19, 2011


1. Application for 2011 Drainlayer license from Serge Beaulieu

2. Application for Tag Days from HHS Girls Swim Team for August 5,6,7

3. Applications for licenses:

  • POOL TABLE Smith’s Tavern, 124 Essex st 1 Pool Table
  • SUNDAY LICENSE Smith’s Tavern 1 Sunday Pool Table

4. Application for Junk Dealer license from James Smith, “T.J.S. Metals”, 23 Hale st

5. Application for Run/Walk fundraiser from Bonnie Michaels for Career Resources June 25th, 10:30 am to 12 noon; to start at upper deck near Pentucket Medical& end on Wingate st

6. Petition from Attorney James Waldron for Joseph Diprimo for discontinuance of a portion of Naples rd
(Refer to Planning Board) (Council Hearing May 24th)

7. Petition from Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce President James Jajuga announcing annual Laurie Chase KidsFEST on Sunday, May 1st, 10 am to 4 pm downtown Haverhill & also asking approval for several related requests

8. Abatement report from Board of Assessors for month of March 2011


9. Communication from Councillor Daly O’Brien requesting a discussion regarding the Mayor’s Scholarship Committee

9a. Councillor Daly O’Brien submits Minutes of Administration & Finance Committee meeting held April 13th


10. Document 32-B; Communication from Mayor Fiorentini Vetoing Document 32/11; Ordinance re: Police Dept; Amend Chapter 32-45A. Police Details

10a. Document 32; Ordinance re: Police Dept Amend Chapter 32-45A. Police Details DOCUMENT VETOED BY THE MAYOR

11. Document 36, Loan Order: Authorize Mayor to borrow $349,112 for engineering and construction of water main improvements along South Main st
filed 4/6/11

12. Document 7-F, Ordinance re: Parking 9 Beach st, Add 1 handicap parking space filed 4/6/11

13. Document 7-G, Ordinance re: Parking 1 Davis st, Add 1 handicap parking space filed 4/6/11

14. Document 7-H, Ordinance re: Parking 123 Cedar st, Add 1 handicap parking space filed 4/6/11

15. Document 7-I, Ordinance re: Parking 461 Washington st, Add 1 handicap parking space filed 4/6/11

16. Document 7-J, Ordinance re: Parking 13 Hancock st, Delete handicap parking space filed 4/6/11

17. Document 7-K, Ordinance re: Parking 70 Howard st, Delete handicap parking space filed 4/6/11

18. Document 7-L, Ordinance re: Parking 23 Howard st, Delete handicap parking space filed 4/6/11


19. Proclamation – ARMENIAN MARTYRS’DAY April 24 2011

20. Memorandum of Agreement between City and Haverhill Police Superior & Executive Officers Union (agreement modifies the existing
collective bargaining agreement (7/1/2008-6/30/2011) for the term 7/1/2011 to 6/30/2012)

20a. Ordinance re: Salaries, Law Enforcement Superior Officers (File 10 days)

Committee study list


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