Building FAQs

What forms of payment does your office accept?

For now our office only accepts check or money order only. Those are made payable to City of Haverhill.  OUR OFFICE DOES NOT ACCEPT CASH.

Can I do my permit online?

Yes-our office is now online with plumbing, gas, electrical and building permits. Please keep in mind that if you are applying for a deck, pool, shed, addition, fence that you need to still get a city issued plot plan. If you are a contractor you do need to still upload your contract with the owner. The only permits we are not excepting online at this time are Mechanical and Commercial Construction permits because these permits usually need to go through a multi-department review. You can also pay for you permit online with PayPal or Credit Card. Please keep in mind that just because your permit is accepted online does not mean you have a permit until you physically pick up your building card. Our office will contact you either by phone or email that your permit is ready for pick up. Plumbing, gas and electrical are mailed to the licensee. 

Is a building permit required for a pool? shed? fence? deck?

Yes-with a pool you need an electrical permit, plot plan and application. With a shed, fence you just need a plot plan and application even if you are just replacing what already exists. The deck you will need a plot plan, drawing of the deck and an application. If you are just replacing decking, railings and not completely removing the deck you still need a permit just not a plot plan. All plot plans can be obtained at the Engineering Department room 300. If property is a duplex or condo you must have an approval letter attached to your submitted application.

As a homeowner, can I obtain my own building permit?

Yes-as long as it is a 1 to 2 family dwelling and the property is owner occupied. If property is not owner occupied or a 3+ family dwelling the permit must be pulled by a person that holds a Massachusetts state issued Construction Supervisors License.

Do I need a building permit to remodel on the inside of my home?

Yes-Replacement of drywall, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, replacing flooring to sub floor all require permits. Changing rugs or painting is cosmetic and we do not issue permits for those. If you have any questions on what you need permit for either interior or exterior we strongly advise you to contact the Building Inspector at 978-374-2338 and he can determine if you need a permit or not.

How much does a renovation building permit cost?

Permit cost is based on value of the project the homeowner or contractor is doing. Fee schedule for that is any project value up to $2000 is a base fee of $50 then you add $14 per thousand after the $50. Example project cost of $5000 you start base fee of $50 for the first $2000 then just add $14X3= $92 would be permit cost.

*Please note this cost is for remodels only. There are other building permit fees for Foundations, New Construction, Signs, Commercial projects and Mechanical permits. For the pricing on those permits we ask you please contact our office. Most of these do not follow example above.

How long are building permits good for?

6 Months from the date our office issues the permit. Permits can be renewed for $25.00 to extend a permit for an additional 6 months.

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