Conservation Commission

The City of Haverhill established its Conservation Commission in 1965 for the promotion and development of its natural resources and for the protection of its watershed resources. Since that time the Commission's role in environmental protection has continuously evolved.  The Haverhill Conservation Commission is a seven-member commission of volunteer residents appointed by the Mayor.  The Commission generally meets every threes (3) weeks, on Thursday evenings, at 7:00 PM in City Hall Room 301, unless otherwise posted.  The following Haverhill residents currently serve on the Commission:

Frederick Clark, IV, RLA, Chair
Ralph Basiliere, Vice-Chair & Community Liaison
Thomas Wylie, Ed. D., Clerk
Phillip LaCroix
Harmony Wilson
Neil Frasca, PG
Jennifer Rubera

Uniform Patch c. 1970s
Haverhill Con Com Patch