Projects Under Review

Pursuant to Chapter 20 of the Acts of 2021, the Haverhill Conservation Commission meetings are conducted via remote means.  Members of the public who wish to access the meeting may do so by creating an account at and “joining” the meeting with the link and password listed in the meeting agenda.  No in-person attendance of members of the public will be permitted, and public participation in any public hearing conducted during this meeting shall be by remote means only.  Every effort will be made to ensure that the public can adequately access the proceedings in real time, via these technological means. In the event that we are unable to do so, for reasons of economic hardship and despite best efforts, we will post on the City’s website an audio or video recording, transcript, or other comprehensive record of proceedings as soon as possible after the meeting.


None at this time

#33-NOI Cioto Realty Trust for 38 & 58 Railroad Street (Parcel IDs: 701-630-9 & 702-635-1) Construction of 3 residential buildings
     Uploaded 09.02.21:     NOI Form 3     Site Plan     Stormwater Report
     Uploaded 09.08.21:     Complete NOI Materials
     Uploaded 09.09.21:     Revised NOI Materials

#33-1510 MVRTA for 85 Railroad Av
(Parcel ID: 712-684-8) Stabilization of eroding sections of the Merrimack River’s right bank
     Uploaded 09.02.21:     NOI Application with Site Plans

#33-ANRAD RKACO LLC for 1091 Broadway
(Parcel ID: 574-1-20) Verification of the validity of delineated wetland resource area boundaries
     Uploaded 07.22.21:     ANRAD Application     Site Plan

#33-1508 Glenn Fogarty for Linwood St (Parcel ID: 411-138-5) Construction of a single-family house
     Uploaded 07.27.21:     NOI Application     Site Plan
     Uploaded 08.12.21:     Abutter Comments & Photos Received 08.05.21
     Uploaded 09.02.21:     Revised Site Plan

#33-1506 BWC Camp Brook LLC for 1050 Hilldale Av (Parcel IDs: 585-431-22 & -22A) Construction of a large-scale, ground-mounted, solar energy system
Uploaded 07.09.21:     Notice of Intent     Site Plan     Stormwater Report
     Uploaded 08.25.21:     Peer Review Comments #1
     Uploaded 08.26.21:     Response to Peer Review   Rev Site Plan   Rev Stormwater Report   Delineation Peer Review Comments #1
     Uploaded 08.30.21:     Peer Review Comments #2

#33-1505 The Procopio Companies for #19 & Unaddressed Railroad Av and 236 South Elm St
(Parcel IDs: 711-4-4, 711-4-4A, 712-684-1, 711-4-2, 711-4-3, 711-4-2A, and 711-4-1) Construction of a mixed-use development and public park
     Uploaded 07.02.21:     NOI Application   Site Plan Set   Stormwater Report   Flood Storage Exhibits
     Uploaded 07.16.21:     Applicant's Presentation Materials from 7-15 Meeting
     Uploaded 07.26.21:     Stormwater Peer Review #1
     Uploaded 07.30.21:     NHESP Project Review Comments
     Uploaded 08.25.21:     Applicant's Response to Comments     Rev Site Plan Set
     Uploaded 08.26.21:     Applicant's Response to Staff Comments
     Uploaded 08.30.21:     Applicant's 8-26 Presentation   Rev Flood Storage X-Section   Rev Flood Storage Graphic
     Uploaded 09.10.21:     Revised Wildlife Habitat Evaluation
     Uploaded 09.13.21:     Applicant's Response to Comments #2     Rev Site Plan Set

#33-1499 Solar Smart LLC for 139 Amesbury Line Rd
(Parcel ID: 430-11-12) Construction of a large-scale, ground-mounted, solar energy system
     Uploaded 04.30.21:     NOI Application   Site Plan Set   Stormwater Report   O&M Plan   Facility Components   Wetland Delineation Forms   Special Permit Letter
     Uploaded 06.02.21:     Stormwater Peer Review #1
     Uploaded 06.14.21:     Wetland Delineation Peer Review
     Uploaded 06.25.21:     Applicant Presentation Plans from June 24th Meeting
     Uploaded 08.23.21:     Response Letter to Peer Review     Rev Site Plans     Rev Stormwater Report     Rev Application Form

#33-1497 Steve Smolak for 86 Willow Av (Parcel ID: 768-779-9) Construction of a farm irrigation pond
     Uploaded 04.30.21:     NOI Application     Site Plan
     Uploaded 05.14.21:     DEP Comment Letters

None at this time


#33-1509 Four Points Property Management for Hilldale Av (Parcel ID: 585-431-20-C6) Construction of 11 contractor-bay units
     Uploaded 07.09.21:     Notice of Intent     Site Plan     Stormwater Report
     Uploaded 08.02.21:     Peer Review Comments #1
     Uploaded 08.23.21:     Peer Review Response Letter     Rev Site Plan     Rev Stormwater Report     Rev Drainage Catchments     Peer Review Comments #2

#33-1503 MED Properties, LLC 
for Peabody St (Parcel ID: 728-704-8AA) Construction of 3-lot residential subdivision
     Uploaded 06.07.21:     NOI Application     Site Plan Set     Stormwater Report
     Uploaded 06.23.21:     Stormwater Peer Review #1
     Uploaded 07.06.21:     Revised Site Plan     Stormwater Supplement     Response to Peer Review
     Uploaded 08.12.21:     Revised Site Plan     Response to Peer Review


Keolis Commuter Services for MBTA Right-of-Way Confirmation of the validity of resource area boundaries delineated for the identification of herbicide application areas
     Uploaded 07.23.20:     RDA Application Materials
     Uploaded 10.27.20:     Determination of Applicability
     Uploaded 02.22.21:     Keolis Appeal of DOA     DEP Superseding DOA     Keolis Appeal of Superseding DOA
     Uploaded 03.04.21:     Order Consolidating Appeals & Case Management Order 

#33-1504 Rumpf & Associates for 401 Lowell Av (Parcel ID: 569-2-2) Redevelopment of existing hotel site with new hotel & future commercial space
     Uploaded 06.10.21:     NOI Application with Site Plan Set     Stormwater Report
 Uploaded 08.11.21:     Order of Conditions

#33-1484 MDK Realty Trust for 111 Avco Rd (Parcel ID: 764-1-3) Expansion of outdoor operations area
     Uploaded 09.01.20:     NOI Application     Plan Set     Stormwater Report
     Uploaded 03.16.21:     Revised Plan     Stormwater Addendum & Response to DEP Comments
     Uploaded 03.29.21:     Stormwater Peer Review #1
     Uploaded 04.30.21:     Cover Letter   Revised Plan Set     Partial Stormwater Report Updates   Post-Construction Watershed Map
     Uploaded 05.03.21:     
Full Stormwater Report Updates     Geotechnical Report
     Uploaded 05.21.21:     Cover Letter    Revised Plan Set    CPPPP Supplement
     Uploaded 05.25.21:     Final Stormwater Peer Review
     Uploaded 07.28.21:     Order of Conditions

#33-1488 Neck Road Management LLC for 293 Neck Rd 
(Parcel ID: 762-1-5) Construction of a 21,900-sf commercial addition
     Uploaded 11.03.20:     NOI Application     Site Plan Set     Stormwater Report     
     Uploaded 11.18.20:     Revised Plan Sheet 2     Rev Stormwater Checklist     Rev Stormwater Narrative
     Uploaded 01.19.21:     Soils Assessment
     Uploaded 01.25.21:     Stormwater Peer Review #1
     Uploaded 04.30.21:     Revised Plan Set     Stormwater Report
     Uploaded 05.10.21:     Stormwater Peer Review #2
     Uploaded 05.21.21:     Cover Letter    Revised Site Plan Set    Rev. Stormwater Calcs    Rev. O&M Plan
     Uploaded 05.25.21:     Revised Site Plan Set
Uploaded 07.25.21:     Wetland Replication Plan     Order of Conditions

#33-1495 Boston Haverhill LLC for 1240 Boston Rd (Parcel ID: 770-779-69) Construction of a multi-family subdivision
     Uploaded 03.18.21:     NOI Application     Site Plan     Stormwater Report
     Uploaded 04.08.21:     Stormwater Peer Review #1     Revised Plan Sheet 5 of 11
     Uploaded 04.30.21:     Cover Letter   Revised Site Plan   Stormwater Report Addendum #1
 Uploaded 05.10.21:     Stormwater Peer Review #2
   Uploaded 07.14.21:     Final Plan Set     Order of Conditions

#33-1490 Antonio Viola for Broadway (Parcel ID: 539-439-18) Construction of a single-family house
     Uploaded 11.12.20:     NOI Application     Site Plan
     Uploaded 03.15.21:     Revised Site Plan 
     Uploaded 03.26.21:     Revised Site Plan
Uploaded 04.29.21:     Order of Conditions - DENIAL
     Uploaded 05.11.21:     Applicant's Appeal of Denial (under Wetlands Protection Act)
     Uploaded 07.22.21:     Applicant's Appeal of Denial (under local ordinance)

None at this time