Recent Project Decisions

Below, you'll find decisions issued by the Conservation Commission for projects it recently reviewed.  While the intent is to populate this page with individual project decisions and a representative site plan or sketch, the Conservation Department continues to maintain a paper, public record of information for each application.  As always, this record is available for public review during our normal business hours.  Should you require assistance, please contact our department staff. 

For a "Request for Determination of Applicability", the Commission issues a "Determination of Applicability". 

For a "Notice of Intent", the Commission issues an "Order of Conditions".
For a "Request to Amend a Final Order of Conditions", the Commission issues an "Amended Order of Conditions" for substantial changes and a "Modification to an Order of Conditions" for minor changes.


City of Haverhill for 500 Primrose St (Parcel ID: 649-611-2) Stream channel dredging - Application withdrawn without prejudice

Lisa Palmisano for 890 North Broadway
(Parcel ID: 575-2-8) Request for determination whether an area is subject to jurisdiction under the Wetlands Protection Act      MassDEP Superseding Determination of Applicability      Determination of Applicability       Applicant Appeal        DEP Site Walk Notice     DEP Request for Information


#33-1470 Gedemino Club, Inc. for Montvale St (Parcel ID: 778-797-17) Construction of four single-family houses
     Uploaded 6.  .19:     Site Plan
     Uploaded 6.13.19:     NOI Application
     Uploaded 6.25.19:     Riverfront Area Alternatives Analysis
     Uploaded 7.9.19:     Revised Site Plan     Revised Alternatives Analysis     Abutters List
     Uploaded 7.24.19:     Revised Site Plan #3
     Uploaded 7.30.19    Wildlife Habitat Report
     Uploaded 8.20.19:     Revised Site Plan
     Uploaded 9.17.19:     Revised Site Plan Sheet 1     Site Plan Sheet 2 (Details)

     Uploaded 10.03.19:     Order of Conditions

#33-1469 James Parker for 840 West Lowell Av (Parcel ID: 589-421-6) Construction of a single-family house     Order of Conditions     Revised Site Plan     Buffer Zone Restoration Report      NOI Application     Abutter Map     Site Plan

#33-1468 City of Haverhill for 1046 Main St (Parcel ID: 636-1-6) Restoration of eroded streambank     Order of Conditions     NOI Application     Planting Plan     Site Plan

#33-1466 Carroll Gustafson for Crystal St (Parcel ID: 576-436-26) Construct a single-family house     Order of Conditions     Final Site Plan     NHESP Review     NOI Application     Color Attachments     Site Plan     Site Photos

#33-1465 Carroll Gustafson for Crystal St (Parcel ID: 576-436-26A) Construct a single-family house     Order of Conditions     Final Site Plan     NHESP Review     NOI Application Materials     Site Plan

#33-1460 Bradford Christian Academy for 1104 Broadway & Unaddressed Broadway (Parcel IDs: 539-439-10C & -9A) Raze existing structures on Lot 10C and construct access drive to Lot 9A     Order of Conditions     Final Site Plan     Final Stormwater Report     Final Overview of Revisions     Final Peer Review     


None at this time