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City Council Agenda

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
City Council Chambers

John A. Michitson , President
Robert H. Scatamacchia, Vice President
Michael J. Hart
William H. Ryan
Michael S. McGonagle
William J. Macek
Colin F. LePage
Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien
Thomas J. Sullivan

Haverhill City Seal

Weekly Meetings
7:00 PM

Haverhill City Hall
Room 202
4 Summer St
Haverhill, MA 01830

Agena Only

Agenda Complete

1. Approval of Records of the Previous Meeting

2. Assignment of the minutes review for the next Meeting

3. Communications from the Mayor

3.1 Communication from Mayor Fiorentini filing Chapter 40V Downtown Market Rate Housing Plan to establish a designated district in Haverhill in which State incentives can be made available to developers of market rate housing and requests City Council Hearing on April 9 2013 to vote on approval of proposed Resolution Hearing April 9th Attachment

    3.1.1 Resolution City Council of Haverhill Massachusetts, Authorizing Mayor to submit the Housing Development Zone Plan Attachment

4. Utility Hearing(s) and Related Order(s)

No Schedule

5. Appointments

5.1 Confirming Appointments:

    No Schedule

5.2 Non-Confirming Appointments:

    No Schedule

5.3 Resignations:

No Schedule

6. Petitions

6.1 Petitions:

    6.1.1 Petition from Dave Labrode on behalf of the “Frozen Shamrock 3-Mile road race,” requesting a new permit for a walk on Sunday, April 14, 2013, at 1:00 pm, starting from and ending at Archie’s Little River Ale House, 27 Lafayette sq - Rescheduled from Feb 23rd because of snow storm Attachment

    6.1.2 Petition from Jeff Grassie requesting permission to use the parking lot at 40 Bailey blvd (next to the Haverhill Police Station) and adjacent sidewalks for the Haverhill Farmers’ Market; every Saturday; June 29th through October 26th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Attachment Related communication from Haverhill Police Department stating no objection to the Farmer’s Market location and related stipulations Attachment

6.2 Applications:

6.2.1 Applications for Tag Days 2013:

      Haverhill Inner City Boxing July 19th & 20th

      Haverhill High Girl’s Field Hockey October 12th, 13th & 14th Attachment

    6.2.2 Application from James Conroy to renew Hawker Peddler license, to sell hotdogs, chips, soda, cookies, canned chili, water, & slush at Bradford Common; March 1st thru November 30th, Monday Sunday, 9am to 9pm Pending Health Dept Approval & Bond Attachment

    6.2.3 Application from Kim Therrien for license to operate as an employee of a Hawker Peddler; Jim Conroy at Bradford Common (see 6.2.2) Attachment

7. Hearings and Related Orders

No Schedule

8. Motions and Orders

8.1 Order: Polling Locations for all Elections held during 2013 Attachment

9. Unfinished Business of preceding Meetings

No Schedule

10. Communications and Reports from City Officers and Employees

10.1 Monthly Reports:

    No Schedule

10.2 Communications from Councillors:

    10.2.1 Communication from Councillor Macek requesting to discuss downtown parking Attachment

    10.2.2 Communication from Councilor Michitson wishing to announce major economic development event in Haverhill Attachment

    10.2.3 Communication from Councilor Michitson wishing to discuss steps to reduce the City’s $3M structural deficit Attachment

10.3 Communications from City Employees:

    10.3.1 Communication from City Clerk Margaret Toomey requesting that the City Council Meetings for April 30, 2013 & June 25, 2013 be cancelled due to Elections on those dates for US Senate Attachment

11. Resolutions and Proclamations

11.1 RESOLUTION – to file and accept grants with and from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, executive Office of Energy and Environmental affairs for the Parkland acquisitions and renovations for communities program for improvements to the Tattersall Farm Attachment

12. Council Committee Reports and Announcements

12.1 Council Committee Reports:

    12.1.1 Councillor LePage submits minutes and recommendations of the Administration & Finance Committee meeting held February 28th which include an addition to the Rules and Regulations of the City Council for 2013 Attachment

12.2 Documents referred to Committee Study Attachment

13. Adjourn

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