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City Council Agenda

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
City Council Chambers

John A. Michitson , President
Robert H. Scatamacchia, Vice President
Michael J. Hart
William H. Ryan
Michael S. McGonagle
William J. Macek
Colin F. LePage
Mary Ellen Daly O’Brien
Thomas J. Sullivan

Haverhill City Seal

Weekly Meetings
7:00 PM

Haverhill City Hall
Room 202
4 Summer St
Haverhill, MA 01830

Agenda Only

Agenda Complete

1. Approval of Records of the Previous Meeting

2. Assignment of the minutes review for the next Meeting

3. Communications from the Mayor

No Schedule

4. Utility Hearing(s) and Related Order(s)

No Schedule

5. Appointments

5.1 Confirming Appointments:

No Schedule

5.2 Non-Confirming Appointments:

No Schedule

5.3 Resignations:

No Schedule

6. Petitions

6.1 Petitions:

    6.1.1 Petition from William Pillsbury, Economic Development & Planning Director, for City of Haverhill proposing Amendment to Zoning Ordinance for Computer Drive – to modify one category of use in the CH zone table of uses and be limited to only the CH zone located at Computer Drive. Planning Board hearing has been held and their recommendation will be filed with
    the City Council Hearing June 11 2013 Attachment Ordinance re: Zoning; Table of Use and Parking Regulations: Amend Section 255, Table 1; Page 10 – to add designation of “P” in the CH Zone; this change is only for property in CH Zone at Computer Drive File 10 days Attachment

6.2 Applications:

    6.2.1 Application from Peter McLaughlin for Block Party for the “McLaughlin Fund,” requesting to close Apple st, Saturday, July 13th from 2 pm to 10 pm Attachment

    6.2.2 Annual License Renewals Fortune Teller - Sandra Webber, 1073 Main st Attachment Junk Dealer – Paul Goldberg, Haverhill Salvage, 81 Hale st Attachment Pool Table - Smith’s Tavern, 124 Essex st, 1 Table Attachment Sunday Pool - Smith’s Tavern, 1 Table Attachment Bowling – Academy Lanes, 725 So Main st, 48 Lanes Attachment Sunday Bowling – Academy Lanes, 48 Lanes Attachment

7. Hearings and Related Orders

No Schedule

8. Motions and Orders

8.1 Order – Election Warrant; Special State Election, Tuesday, June 25th for Senator in Congress with polls open for voting at 7 am to close at 8 pm Attachment

8.2 Order – Appropriate $50,000 from Free Cash and transfer to Capital Projects – Tattersall Farm Attachment

8.3 Ordinances (File 10 Days)

    8.3.1 Ordinance Relating to Building Maintenance of Vacant and Foreclosing Residential Properties (Related communication from Andrew K Herlihy, Division Director of Community Development Department) File 10 days Attachment

9. Unfinished Business of preceding Meetings

9.1 Document 30-B, Ordinance Relating to Vehicles and Traffic; Amend Chapter 240, The Central Business District Parking Map: Propose changing 7 parking spaces on the upper level of the Herbert H Goecke Parking Garage (on the east side) from Pay-by-Space to Multi-Use Filed May 8 2013 Attachment

9.2 Document 44, Communication from David Van Dam, Mayor’s Chief of Staff, requesting to give an update to the Council on the progress of the alley way lighting request by Councillor Daly O’Brien Postponed from April 23 2013 Attachment

9.3 Document 45-J, Buy & Sell 2nd Hand Articles - Michelle Edwards, In a Blue Moon Antiques, 133 Merrimack st Postponed from May 14 2013 Attachment

9.4 Document 45-M, Buy & Sell 2nd Hand Articles - Debra Riley, In a Blue Moon Antiques Postponed from May 14 2013 Attachment

9.5 Document 45-P, Buy & Sell 2nd Hand Clothing - Michelle Edwards, In a Blue Moon Antiques Postponed from May 14 2013 Attachment

9.6 Document 45-Q, Buy & Sell 2nd Hand Clothing - Debra Riley, In a Blue Moon Antiques Postponed from May 14 2013 Attachment

9.7 Document 52-B, Request from Jennifer Morgan to close a portion of Lexington av; #1 to #4; on Saturday, June 8 from 2 pm to 8 pm, for a Graduation Party Denied by HPDContinued from May 14 2013 Attachment

9.8 Document 56, Ordinance Relating to General Provisions; Amend Chapter 1-16; increase Fines for second and third offenders for various trash ordinances Filed May 8 2013 Attachment

10. Communications and Reports from City Officers and Employees

10.1 Monthly Reports:

    No Schedule

10.2 Communications from Councillors:

    No Schedule

10.3 Communications from City Employees:

No Schedule

11. Resolutions and Proclamations

No Schedule

12. Council Committee Reports and Announcements

12.1 Council Committee Reports:

    12.1.1. Councillor LePage submits Minutes of Administration & Finance Committee meeting held on May 15, 2013 Attachment

12.2 Documents referred to Committee Study Attachment

13. Adjourn

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