Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses are an everyday occurrence in business and home computing.  Generally, anti-virus programs are able to intercept and delete most computer viruses before they affect important systems and/or information.

The possibility exists, however, of a computer virus effecting systems on a large-scale basis that would impact the daily lives of Americans.  The Haverhill Police Department uses computers in our Communications Center, our Police Vehicles, and our Police Headquarters; however, the Department also has redundant systems in place in the event our computer systems were to go off-line.  The Communications Center, which handles all incoming non-emergency and emergency 911 lines, trains for the handling and dispatching of calls without the use of computers.  A color-coded card system, originally used in the days before computers were used for taking calls and dispatching Officers, can be used to document all incoming emergency and non-emergency calls, transfer the call information to the dispatcher, and maintain a document of the incident for future review.

The Police Department (and all other City Departments) also have a Continuity Of Operations Plan (COOP) to ensure that normal operations can continue in the event of the total destruction of City Hall, Police Headquarters, or any other City facility. In the unlikely event that such devastation would occur, the Police and City services to the community would not be interrupted.