Mission Statement

Our mission is to lessen the impact of disasters and potential catastrophic incidents by meeting the needs of our Community through planning, response and coordination of information and resources.

Many of the City’s facilities used by citizens, tourists and boaters are located in areas with potential exposure to the above hazards. Although the City of Haverhill is most vulnerable to flooding, and snow storms, the other hazards noted pose significant risks for potentially large portions of the City’s population and property. In the event of a major disaster the following conditions are possible:

  • A large number of fatalities and/or injuries;
  • The displacement of large groups of people;
  • Difficulty in providing food, clothing and shelter to those people and areas most severely affected;
  • Damage and/or the destruction of private homes, businesses and industries.

Under the chaotic conditions of a disaster, the City of Haverhill will immediately begin deploying resources to assist the City’s population, protect property, prevent further damage, and preserve valuable environmental resources. These resources will be generated from areas of the City that have not been impacted by the disaster, from other Essex County communities, from the State (MEMA), and if necessary, from the federal government to achieve an adequate level of emergency response.