Update of Property Values 2022

Update of Residential, Commercial/Industrial Property Values Begins in Haverhill

The Board of Assessors in the City of Haverhill has announced that the interim valuation of all Real Property for assessment purposes has begun.

Patriot Properties, Inc., of  Marblehead, MA was hired to assist the Haverhill Board of Assessors with the start of the valuation. Data collectors from the firm will begin the measuring and inspecting of new construction and properties that have had Building Permits obtained over the next several months. The company’s data collectors will have proper photo identification and full cooperation from the residents of Haverhill is requested by the Board of Assessors.

The property values will be based on an extensive analysis of the real estate sales that have taken place in 2021. The  interim valuation program is mandated by the Department of Revenue for each Fiscal Year with a full comprehensive Revaluation every 5th year. The new values will be as of January 1, 2022. Periodic articles will appear in the newspaper and on the city’s website with information about the progress of the project.