Find answers to your tax and bid questions in the finance pages.

Assessor's Office:

The Assessing Department provides fiscal stability by ensuring that the City's personal and real property tax base is promptly, fairly, and equitably evaluated and classified. The Assessing Department determines fair market value of all property for purposes of taxation and assesses property taxes and administers motor vehicle excise taxes in a fair and efficient manner.

Auditor's Office:

The responsibilities of the Auditing Department are to perform pre-audits of all invoices and payrolls submitted for payment by the City departments, produce timely and accurate financial reporting and to mantain the City's budget.

Purchasing Office:

The Purchasing Department procures goods, services, construction and public work projects for all City and School departments following all applicable state laws and city ordinances. The process will be completed in a manner that insures open and fair competition with the final goal being that the City receives the needed item(s) or service(s) at the lowest possible cost consistent with expected delivery and quality requirements.

Treasurer/Collector's Office:

The office of the Treasurer and Collector of Taxes is responsible for the timely billing and collection of 40% of the City's operating revenues. This equates to the issuance of approximately 210,000 billings annually. Our department also functions as the disbursing agent for the City for payroll and vendor checks.