Closed Bids & Awarded Contracts

Closed IFBs/RFPs:

 Bid #  Description
 RFP015.21  School Building Lease
 IFB017.21  As-Needed Facility Maintenance Services
 IFB013.21  Solid Waste & Recyclable Materials Collection
 IFB012.21  Hot In Place Mill Recycling of Existing Asphalt Pavement
 IFB009.21  City Hall Exterior Wall Repair
 RFP007.21  Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) Network
 RFP004.21  Merrimack Street Development Parcels

Awarded Contracts:

 Bid # & Description  Company - Bid Amount
 RFP016.21 Riverboat Touring Service  No Responses
 IFB014.21 Sidewalk & Curbing Construction  Allied Paving Corp., Chelmsford, MA - Various unit prices.
 IFB010.21 On-call HVAC & Plumbing Srvs.  Ambient Temp Corp., Newburyport, MA - Various hourly rates
 IFB008.21 Carpentry, Masonry, Painting  No Award / Re-bid
 IFB005.21 Roof Repair/Replacement Srvs.  Corolla Contracting, Inc., Winthrop, MA - $114.00/hr.
 IFB006.21 On-call HVAC Services  Cancelled/To be Re-bid
 IFB003.21 CSO Dry Weather Pipes  N. Granese & Sons, Inc., Salem, MA - $1,292,550
 IFB002.21 WWTP Roof Replacement  Leading Way Construction, Inc., Brockton, MA - $236,300
 RFS001.21 Consentino School OPM   Colliers Project Leaders, Agawam, MA - $200,000
 IFB023.20 Catch Basin Cleaning   Truax Corporation, Plainville, MA - $58,560
 IFB022.20 Leak Detection Survey  Miles Leak Detection, Findlay, OH - $28,600
 IFB021.20 Water Tank Cleaning  Underwater Solutions, Inc., Mattapoisett, MA - $69,890
 RFP020.20 Parking Mgmt. Services  LAZ Karp Associates, LLC, Hartford, CT - $73,992
 IFB019.20 Police Station Canopy  Bid Not Accepted/Cancelled
 IFB018.20 Water Treatment Chemicals  Various companies and unit low bid amounts
 RFP017.20 Property Assessment Services  Patriot Properties, Inc., Marblehead, MA - $384,900
 IFB016.20 Police Station Canopy  MJS Construction, Inc. Danvers, MA - $225,750
 RFQ015.20 North Ave. Design Services  Alfred Benesch & Co., Boston, MA - $840,800
 IFB014.20 On-call Elevator Services  United Elevator Company, Marshfield, MA - Various rates
 IFB013.20 On-call Boiler Services   Combustion Services of N.E., Cambridge, MA - $102/hr.
 IFB012.20 On-call HVAC Services   F.H. Maroney, Inc., Haverhill, MA - $119/hr.
 IFB011.20 On-call Plumbing Services   Boston Mechanical, Inc., Arlington, MA - $98/hr.
 IFB010.20 On-call Electrical Services  Sanibel Electrical Corp., Woburn, MA - $80/hr.
 RFQ009.20 On-call Engineering Srvs.  Various Engineering Firms
 IFB008.20 Carpentry/Masonry/Painting  MJS Construction, Inc., Danvers, MA - Various hourly rates
 IFB006.20 HHS Pool Roof Replacement  Stanley Roofing Co., Inc., Ipswich, MA - $664,650
 RFP005.20 Childcare/Lease at HHS  YMCA of Northshore, Beverly, MA - $130.00/day
 RFP004.20 Ornsteen Property  Procopio Companies, Inc., Lynnfield, MA - $1,000,000 
 IFB003.20 Parking Lot Construction  No award due to lack of sufficient funding
 IFB002.20 City Hall Door Replacement  NE Fiberglass Windows, LLC., Boxford, MA - $139,077
 IFB001.20 HHS Track Improvements   Quirk Construction Corp., Georgetown, MA - $1,016,000
 RFP031.19 ILD 111F Claims Services  Gowrie Claims Services, Marshfield, MA - $21,100
 IFB030.19 School Roof Repairs    M.D.M., Inc., Dudley, MA - $280,000
 IFB029.19 Water Main Impvmts. (Ph.2)  N. Granase & Sons, Inc., Salem, MA - $8,447,580.30
 RFP028.19 Sale of Wash St. Properties  No responses
 IFB027.19 Road Rehab Services  D&R General Contracting, Inc., Melrose, MA - $882,763
 IFB026.19 Disposal of WW Residuals  Waste Mgmt. Disposal Services of Maine - $1,692,000
 IFB025.19 Treatment Chemicals  Numerous companies
 RFP024.19 HPS Food Service Program  Whitsons New England, Inc., Islandia, NY - 5-yrs./$1.42 M
 RFP023.19 Lease of Photocopiers   Toshiba Business Solutions, Andover, MA - $272,470/yr.
 IFB023.19 Micro-Surf. & Crack Sealing   Sealcoating, Inc., Braintree, MA - $323,510
 RFP022.19 Sale of Ornsteen Property  Cancelled / Re-issue RFP
 IFB021.19 Riverside Park Impvmnts.  ANJ Construction Corp., Peabody, MA - $ 329,512
 IFB020.19 Roof Repair Services  Greenwood Industries, Worcester, MA - $112/hr.
 RFP019.19 School Building Lease   Catholic Archbishop of Boston, MA - 3-yrs./$1.025 M
 RFP018.19 Stadium Naming Rights  No Award / Re-bid
 IFB017.19 Install Fire Generators  Dagle Electrical Corp., Wilmington, MA - $67,974 
 RFP015.19 Master Plan Consultant  Utile, Inc., Boston, MA - $ 188,000
 IFB014.19 Merrimack St Parking Struc.  S&R Corporation, Lowell, MA - $1,536,000
 RFP013.19 HHS Pool Rental (5 Yrs.)  M.F. Swimming, LLC, Haverhill, MA - $108,000 per year
 IFB012.19 WWTF HVAC Upgrades  Ambient Temperature Corp., Newburyport, MA - $1.099 M
 RFQ011.19 CSO Engineering Srvs.  Wright-Pierce, Andover, MA - $2,598,900
 IFB010.19 New Synthetic Turf Field  Quirk Construction Corp., Georgetown, MA - $1,156,000
 IFB009.19 River Bank Stabilization  SumCo Eco-Contracting, LLC., Peabody, MA - $607,440 
 IFB008.19 Catch Basin Cleaning  Road-Way Maint. Services, Plymouth, MA - $77,400
 IFB007.19 #2 Fuel Oil  Santa Buckley Energy, Inc., Bridgeport, CT - $0.2496/gal.
 IFB006.19 City Hall Boilers   Ambient Temperature Corp., Newburyport, MA - $452,240
 RFQ001.19 As-Needed Designer Srvs.  Various firms
 IFB003.19 Urban Forestry Services  Mayer Tree Service, Inc., Essex, MA - $92,310
 IFB002.19 Marsh Ave Sewer   National Water Main Cleaning Co., Canton, MA - $359,756
 IFB025.18 Treament Chemicals  Various vendors 
 IFB031.18 Merrimack St Prkg. Struc.  No award / Re-bid
 IFB030.18 Sidewalk & Curbing  Allied Paving Corp., Chelmsford, MA - $296,400
 IFB029.18 WW Pump Station Upgrades  Methuen Contruction Co., Inc., Plaistow, NH - $1,031,655
 RFP028.18 Newcomb St Parcels  Atlantis Investments, Inc., North Reading, MA - $600,00
 IFB027.18 In-place Pavement Recycling  Highway Rehab Corp., Brewster, NY - $4.87 / $4.77 sq. yd.
 IFB026.18 Marsh Avenue Sewer   No award / Rebid
 RFP022.18 Emergency EMS Services  Trinity EMS, Lowell, MA - 3 yrs. / $140,000 yr.
 RFP021.18 WC TPA Services  Cook & Company, Inc., Marshfield, MA - $75,000
 RFQ020.18 Softball Field Design  Green Intl. Affiliates, Inc., Westford, MA - $199,825
 IFB024.18 On-call Sewer Repair  No bids
 RFQ010.18 Animal Shelter Design   Garofalo Design Associates, Inc., Wakefiled, MA - $117,950
 IFB019.18 WWTF Odor Control   Waterline Industries Corp., Seabrook, NH - $3,967,677
 IFB017.18 Cashman Park Renovations  ANJ Construction, Peabody, MA - $224,225
 IFB018.18 Tree & River Buffer Planting   MON Landscaping, Inc., N. Dartmouth, MA - $$130,628
 IFB016.18 Roof Repairs  JNR Gutters, Haverhill, MA - $79/hr.
 IFB015.18 Plumbing Maintenance  Francis H. Maroney, Haverhill, MA - $106/hr.
 IFB014.18 HVAC Controls Maintenance  Francis H. Maroney, Haverhill, MA - $106/hr.
 IFB013.18 Elevator Inspections/Maint.  Embree & White, Woburn, MA - $600/$85 per inspection
 IFB012.18 Electrical Maintenance  Seaboyer Electric, Melrose, MA - $75/hr.
 IFB011.18 Boiler & Vessel Maintenance  Combustion Service Co. of NE, Cambridge, MA - $78/hr.
 IFB009.18 192 Merrimack St Demo  Cancelled / Insufficient Funding / Re-bid
 IFB008.18 Plaistow Rd Traffic Signals  Electric Light Company, Cape Neddick, ME - $123,825
 IFB007.18 Police Window & Masonry II  Thompson Waterproofing, Quincy, MA - $1,160,600
 RFP004.18 Landfill Solar & Land Lease  Kearsarge Energy, Boston, MA - $3,594,279 (20 year total)
 IFB006.18 Cashman Park Renovations  Bid cancelled due to insufficient funding for project
 228335.00 Large Water Meter (# 2)  Mass Installation, Inc., Norwood, MA - $$134,584.40
 RFP005.18 Ornsteen Property   No award
 IFB002.18 Sanitary Siphon Cleaning   National Water Main Cleaning, Norwood, MA - $167,475
 IFB003.18 Catch Basin Cleaning  Road-Way Maintenance Services, Plymouth, MA - $45,200
 IFB001.18 WWTF Pump Station Pipe  Kinsmen Corp., Hooksett, NH - $109,600
 227501.03 WWTF Biofilter System  ECS Environmental Solutions, Belton, TX (Pre-selction)