Closed Bids & Awarded Contracts

Closed IFBs/RFPs:

 Bid #  Description
 IFB012.23  Water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals - Bids

Awarded Contracts:

 Bid # & Description  Company - Bid Amount
 IFB011.23 Carch Basin Cleaning  BMC Corp., Pinehurst, MA - $66,840
 IFB009.23 As-Needed Painting Services  Serrano & Serrano Construction, Inc., Lawrence, MA - $79.66/hr.
 RFQ008.23 As-Needed Designer Services  Various firms pre-approved for contracting
 IFB007.23 School Playground Site Prep  Site Improvements, Inc., Andover, MA - $87,500.
 IFB005.23 Moody School Roof  Capeway Roofing Systems, Inc., Westport, MA - $325,300
 RFP004.23 School Security Consulting Srvs.  Eagle Investigation Services, Inc., Methuen, MA - Various Rates
 RFP003.23 School Building Lease  No Proposals Received
 IFB002.23 Tree Planting Program  Wagon Wheel Nursery, Inc., Lexington, MA - Various unit prices
 IFB001.23 So. Elm & RR Ave. Intersection  J. Tropeano, Inc., No. Andover, MA - $2,450,567
 RFP024.22 ARPA Admin Services  Anser Advisory Consulting, LLC, Boston, MA - Various hourly rates
 IFB023.22 WW Pump Station Roof  M.D.M. Engineering, Inc., Dudley, MA - $186,000
 RFP022.22 Sale of 3rd Floor Condo in HPL  Haverhill Public Library Trustees, Haverhill, MA - $1.00
 IFB021.22 Catch Basin Cleaning  Truax Corp., N. Attleboro, MA - $66,840
 IFB020.22 W/WW Treatment Chemicals  Various companies, for various prices
 RFP019.22 So. Main & Whitney Ave  No Proposals Received
 IFB018.22 Water/WW System Improvements  DeFelice Corp., Dracut, MA - $12,165,565
 IFB017.22 Main Street Improvements  McIver Bros., Lexington, MA - $486,107
 IFB016.22 Disposal of Wastewater Residuals  Waste Mgmt. of NH, Inc., Rochester, NH - $2,638,876
 IFB015.22 Plug Pond Improvements  Belko Landscaping, Salem, NH - $473,000
 RFP014.22 School Building Lease  No Proposals Received
 IFB013.22 Road Rehab Services  EJ Paving Co, Inc., Methuen, MA - $892,340
 IFB012.22 Micro-Surfacing & Crack-Sealing  Sealcoating, Inc., Braintree, MA - Per bid unit prices
 IFB011.22 Boiler Services  Combustion Services of N.E., Cambridge, MA - Per hourly rates
 IFB010.22 Electrical Services  Dagle Electrical Corp., Wilmington, MA - Per hourly rates 
 IFB009.22 City Hall Retaining Wall  George R. Cairns & Sons, Inc., Windham, NH - $906,375
 IFB008.22 Elevator Services  Embree & White, Woburn, MA - Per bid prices
 IFB007.22 Water Meter Installation  Mass Installation, Inc., Norwood, MA - $868,821
 IFB006.22 Student Transport Services  NRT Bus, Inc., North Reading, MA - $2.6M/Yr.
 RFQ005.22 WWTP Engineering Services  No Awards
 IFB004.22 City Hall Generator Installation  Nardone Electrical Corp., Woburn, MA - $118,546
 IFB003.22 HHS Entry Envelope Repairs  Chapman Waterproofing Co., Holbrook, MA - $166,020
 IFB002.22 HHS Gym Roof Replacement  Silktown Roofing, Inc., Manchester, CT - $785,000
 IFB001.22 Urban Tree Services  Mayer Tree Service, Essex, MA - Various unit prices
 RFP022.21 CMMS/EAMS  Azteca Systems, Inc., Sandy, UT - $76,500
 RFQ021.21 As-Needed Designer Services  Various firms pre-approved
 IFB020.21 Catch Basin Cleaning  Truax Corp., No. Attleboro, MA - $$68,760
 RFP019.21 Workers Comp TPA Services  CCMI, Inc., Reading, MA - $99,913.35/3-Years
 IFB018.21 Treatment Chemicals  Numerous companies and unit prices
 IFB017.21 Facility Maintenance Services   Several companies
 RFP016.21 Riverboat Touring Service  No Responses
 RFP015.21 School Building Lease  Temple Emanu-el of Haverhill, Inc., $90,000/Year
 IFB014.21 Sidewalk & Curbing Construction  Allied Paving Corp., Chelmsford, MA - Various unit prices.
 IFB013.21 Solid Waste & Recycling  Capitol Waste Services, Inc., E. Boston, MA - $3.2M
 IFB012.21 In-place Asphalt Recycling  Highway Rehab Corp., Brewster, NY - $5.16/$5.06 S.Y
 RFS011.21 Consentino Designer Services  Dore & Whittier, Inc., Newburyport, MA - $500,000
 IFB010.21 On-call HVAC & Plumbing Srvs.  Ambient Temp Corp., Newburyport, MA - Various hourly rates
 IFB009.21 City Hall Masonry Repairs  Chapman Waterproofing Co., Holbrook, MA - $409,499
 IFB008.21 Carpentry, Masonry, Painting  No Award / Re-bid
 RFP007.21 Fiber FTTP Network  SiFi Networks, Morristown, NJ
 IFB005.21 Roof Repair/Replacement Srvs.  Corolla Contracting, Inc., Winthrop, MA - $114.00/hr.
 IFB006.21 On-call HVAC Services  Cancelled/To be Re-bid
 RFP004.21 Merrimack St Parcels  Lupoli Companies, Lawrence, MA - $1,000,000
 IFB003.21 CSO Dry Weather Pipes  N. Granese & Sons, Inc., Salem, MA - $1,292,550
 IFB002.21 WWTP Roof Replacement  Leading Way Construction, Inc., Brockton, MA - $236,300
 RFS001.21 Consentino School OPM   Colliers Project Leaders, Agawam, MA - $200,000
 IFB023.20 Catch Basin Cleaning   Truax Corporation, Plainville, MA - $58,560
 IFB022.20 Leak Detection Survey  Miles Leak Detection, Findlay, OH - $28,600
 IFB021.20 Water Tank Cleaning  Underwater Solutions, Inc., Mattapoisett, MA - $69,890
 RFP020.20 Parking Mgmt. Services  LAZ Karp Associates, LLC, Hartford, CT - $73,992
 IFB019.20 Police Station Canopy  Bid Not Accepted/Cancelled
 IFB018.20 Water Treatment Chemicals  Various companies and unit low bid amounts
 RFP017.20 Property Assessment Services  Patriot Properties, Inc., Marblehead, MA - $384,900
 IFB016.20 Police Station Canopy  MJS Construction, Inc. Danvers, MA - $225,750
 RFQ015.20 North Ave. Design Services  Alfred Benesch & Co., Boston, MA - $840,800
 IFB014.20 On-call Elevator Services  United Elevator Company, Marshfield, MA - Various rates
 IFB013.20 On-call Boiler Services   Combustion Services of N.E., Cambridge, MA - $102/hr.
 IFB012.20 On-call HVAC Services   F.H. Maroney, Inc., Haverhill, MA - $119/hr.
 IFB011.20 On-call Plumbing Services   Boston Mechanical, Inc., Arlington, MA - $98/hr.
 IFB010.20 On-call Electrical Services  Sanibel Electrical Corp., Woburn, MA - $80/hr.
 RFQ009.20 On-call Engineering Srvs.  Various Engineering Firms
 IFB008.20 Carpentry/Masonry/Painting  MJS Construction, Inc., Danvers, MA - Various hourly rates
 IFB006.20 HHS Pool Roof Replacement  Stanley Roofing Co., Inc., Ipswich, MA - $664,650
 RFP005.20 Childcare/Lease at HHS  YMCA of Northshore, Beverly, MA - $130.00/day
 RFP004.20 Ornsteen Property  Procopio Companies, Inc., Lynnfield, MA - $1,000,000 
 IFB003.20 Parking Lot Construction  No award due to lack of sufficient funding
 IFB002.20 City Hall Door Replacement  NE Fiberglass Windows, LLC., Boxford, MA - $139,077
 IFB001.20 HHS Track Improvements   Quirk Construction Corp., Georgetown, MA - $1,016,000
 RFP031.19 ILD 111F Claims Services  Gowrie Claims Services, Marshfield, MA - $21,100
 IFB030.19 School Roof Repairs    M.D.M., Inc., Dudley, MA - $280,000
 IFB029.19 Water Main Impvmts. (Ph.2)  N. Granase & Sons, Inc., Salem, MA - $8,447,580.30
 RFP028.19 Sale of Wash St. Properties  No responses
 IFB027.19 Road Rehab Services  D&R General Contracting, Inc., Melrose, MA - $882,763
 IFB026.19 Disposal of WW Residuals  Waste Mgmt. Disposal Services of Maine - $1,692,000
 IFB025.19 Treatment Chemicals  Numerous companies
 RFP024.19 HPS Food Service Program  Whitsons New England, Inc., Islandia, NY - 5-yrs./$1.42 M
 RFP023.19 Lease of Photocopiers   Toshiba Business Solutions, Andover, MA - $272,470/yr.
 IFB023.19 Micro-Surf. & Crack Sealing   Sealcoating, Inc., Braintree, MA - $323,510
 RFP022.19 Sale of Ornsteen Property  Cancelled / Re-issue RFP
 IFB021.19 Riverside Park Impvmnts.  ANJ Construction Corp., Peabody, MA - $ 329,512
 IFB020.19 Roof Repair Services  Greenwood Industries, Worcester, MA - $112/hr.
 RFP019.19 School Building Lease   Catholic Archbishop of Boston, MA - 3-yrs./$1.025 M
 RFP018.19 Stadium Naming Rights  No Award / Re-bid
 IFB017.19 Install Fire Generators  Dagle Electrical Corp., Wilmington, MA - $67,974 
 RFP015.19 Master Plan Consultant  Utile, Inc., Boston, MA - $ 188,000
 IFB014.19 Merrimack St Parking Struc.  S&R Corporation, Lowell, MA - $1,536,000
 RFP013.19 HHS Pool Rental (5 Yrs.)  M.F. Swimming, LLC, Haverhill, MA - $108,000 per year
 IFB012.19 WWTF HVAC Upgrades  Ambient Temperature Corp., Newburyport, MA - $1.099 M
 RFQ011.19 CSO Engineering Srvs.  Wright-Pierce, Andover, MA - $2,598,900
 IFB010.19 New Synthetic Turf Field  Quirk Construction Corp., Georgetown, MA - $1,156,000
 IFB009.19 River Bank Stabilization  SumCo Eco-Contracting, LLC., Peabody, MA - $607,440 
 IFB008.19 Catch Basin Cleaning  Road-Way Maint. Services, Plymouth, MA - $77,400
 IFB007.19 #2 Fuel Oil  Santa Buckley Energy, Inc., Bridgeport, CT - $0.2496/gal.
 IFB006.19 City Hall Boilers   Ambient Temperature Corp., Newburyport, MA - $452,240
 RFQ001.19 As-Needed Designer Srvs.  Various firms
 IFB003.19 Urban Forestry Services  Mayer Tree Service, Inc., Essex, MA - $92,310
 IFB002.19 Marsh Ave Sewer   National Water Main Cleaning Co., Canton, MA - $359,756
 IFB025.18 Treament Chemicals  Various vendors 
 IFB031.18 Merrimack St Prkg. Struc.  No award / Re-bid
 IFB030.18 Sidewalk & Curbing  Allied Paving Corp., Chelmsford, MA - $296,400
 IFB029.18 WW Pump Station Upgrades  Methuen Contruction Co., Inc., Plaistow, NH - $1,031,655
 RFP028.18 Newcomb St Parcels  Atlantis Investments, Inc., North Reading, MA - $600,00
 IFB027.18 In-place Pavement Recycling  Highway Rehab Corp., Brewster, NY - $4.87 / $4.77 sq. yd.
 IFB026.18 Marsh Avenue Sewer   No award / Rebid
 RFP022.18 Emergency EMS Services  Trinity EMS, Lowell, MA - 3 yrs. / $140,000 yr.
 RFP021.18 WC TPA Services  Cook & Company, Inc., Marshfield, MA - $75,000
 RFQ020.18 Softball Field Design  Green Intl. Affiliates, Inc., Westford, MA - $199,825
 IFB024.18 On-call Sewer Repair  No bids
 RFQ010.18 Animal Shelter Design   Garofalo Design Associates, Inc., Wakefiled, MA - $117,950
 IFB019.18 WWTF Odor Control   Waterline Industries Corp., Seabrook, NH - $3,967,677
 IFB017.18 Cashman Park Renovations  ANJ Construction, Peabody, MA - $224,225
 IFB018.18 Tree & River Buffer Planting   MON Landscaping, Inc., N. Dartmouth, MA - $$130,628
 IFB016.18 Roof Repairs  JNR Gutters, Haverhill, MA - $79/hr.
 IFB015.18 Plumbing Maintenance  Francis H. Maroney, Haverhill, MA - $106/hr.
 IFB014.18 HVAC Controls Maintenance  Francis H. Maroney, Haverhill, MA - $106/hr.
 IFB013.18 Elevator Inspections/Maint.  Embree & White, Woburn, MA - $600/$85 per inspection
 IFB012.18 Electrical Maintenance  Seaboyer Electric, Melrose, MA - $75/hr.
 IFB011.18 Boiler & Vessel Maintenance  Combustion Service Co. of NE, Cambridge, MA - $78/hr.
 IFB009.18 192 Merrimack St Demo  Cancelled / Insufficient Funding / Re-bid
 IFB008.18 Plaistow Rd Traffic Signals  Electric Light Company, Cape Neddick, ME - $123,825
 IFB007.18 Police Window & Masonry II  Thompson Waterproofing, Quincy, MA - $1,160,600
 RFP004.18 Landfill Solar & Land Lease  Kearsarge Energy, Boston, MA - $3,594,279 (20 year total)
 IFB006.18 Cashman Park Renovations  Bid cancelled due to insufficient funding for project
 228335.00 Large Water Meter (# 2)  Mass Installation, Inc., Norwood, MA - $$134,584.40
 RFP005.18 Ornsteen Property   No award
 IFB002.18 Sanitary Siphon Cleaning   National Water Main Cleaning, Norwood, MA - $167,475
 IFB003.18 Catch Basin Cleaning  Road-Way Maintenance Services, Plymouth, MA - $45,200
 IFB001.18 WWTF Pump Station Pipe  Kinsmen Corp., Hooksett, NH - $109,600
 227501.03 WWTF Biofilter System  ECS Environmental Solutions, Belton, TX (Pre-selction)