Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What bid laws does Haverhill follow?

A: The City of Haverhill is subject to Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 30B for the procurement of Goods and Services; MGL Chapter 30 §39M for Public Works; MGL Chapter 149 for Building Construction; and MGL Chapter 7 for Designer Selection.

Q: How do I find out about upcoming bids?

A: Haverhill posts all Invitation for Bids (IFBs), Request for Proposals (RFPs), and Request for Qualifications (RFQs) in the following locations:

  • COMMBUYS is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Procurement Access & Solicitation System: You can access bids for Haverhill as well as other municipalities and state agencies at

  • The Central Register and the Goods and Services Bulletin are published weekly by the Massachusetts Secretary of State's Office.

  • The Central Register contains information about contracts being put out to bid for the design, construction and repair of public works and facilities projects. Advertisements for the lease, sale or transfer of real property are also published.

  • The Goods and Services Bulletin: contains solicitations for the procurement of general goods and services.

Q: How can I get on a list of bidders?

A: Due to the diverse nature of the City’s procurements, Purchasing does not maintain any bidder’s lists.  Vendors are encouraged to regularly check the web sites noted above.

Q: How can I buy property decalred surplus by the City of Haverhill?

A: The City utilizes  and for auctioning its surplus property.  Some exceptions do apply particulary in dealing with items of high value such as buildings or large tracts of land, in which case a RFP process is used.

Q: Does the City utilize any Group Purchasing Options?

A: Yes, the City will utilize, when appropriate, various contracts through the state's Operational Services Division, as well as federal GSA contracts.  The City may also utilize collective purchasing contracts through Sourcewell, National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance, US Communities Purchasing Group, Keystone Purchasing Network, National Purchasing Partners Government Division, and other groups.  The City may purchase various goods and services from vendors directly associated with these consortiums at the City's discretion.