Purchase Order Policy

The City of Haverhill and the Haverhill Public Schools recognize two valid methods for placing an order for goods and services with a vendor:

1. The issuance of a duly approved Purchase Order
2. The authorized use of a Procurement Card

City and School employees may not make unauthorized commitments to vendors for the purchase of goods or services. Such commitments are not legally binding. In Massachusetts, a vendor seeking to enter into a municipal contract has the responsibility of knowing the limitations on a municipality’s contracting power, and the vendor cannot recover on a contract that does not comply with the law. Invoices submitted for such purchases will not be honored and any invoices received without a Purchase Order will not be processed for payment. Purchases of $10,000 and greater are also subject to additional procurement and contracting requirements per state law and City ordinance.

Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the City’s Purchasing Director at 978-420-3606 or via email at purchasing@cityofhaverhill.com.