BOAT EXCISE

Pay bill
For Boat Excise payments you MUST put in the Last Name And the Bill #.
You may also pay in the Collectors Office or mail to the address on the bill.
We now accept Credit Cards in the office with a convenience fee.

You must pay an excise tax for a boat you own on July 1 and moor or locate in Massachusetts.  The excise is assessed for the fiscal year that begins on that date.  Bills are issued by the City where you moor or dock the boat for the summer season, or where the boat is registered or principally located if it is not moored or docked for the summer.  The excise valuation is determined by the length and age of the boat.

If you no longer own the boat, you are entitled to an abatement with the assessors office.  Call 978-374-2316 for info or click here.

The boat excise is due sixty (60) days after issue date.
If the excise is not paid by the due date,  interest at a rate of 12% accrues.  A demand of $25.00 (twenty-five) may also be issued after the due date with an additional penalty of $20.00 (twenty) or 20% of the excise due, whichever is greater.  
Any bills unpaid past the demand date may be submitted to Kelley and Ryan.  You may also call Kelley and Ryan for past due amounts 800-491-9788.

All motor-driven boats that are moored or docked within the City of Haverhill in excess of 2 (two) weeks calendar year shall register with the City Treasurer and pay an annual waterways management fee.  Waterway stickers are available in the Tax Collectors Office, Room 114.
The fee is $1.00 (one dollar) per foot, with a minimum of $20.00 (twenty).  A waterways sticker shall be displayed on the top, starboard side of the transom of the boat.

To obtain an application click here.

Waterway sticker applications may also be mailed, with a self- addressed envelope to:
Tax Collectors
4 Summer St, Room 114
Haverhill, MA 01830

Checks payable to City of Haverhill