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For Real Estate payments, use last name OR bill number.

For Personal Property payments, use Last name or bill number.

Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills are mailed twice a year, with payments due February 1st, May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. 
Preliminary tax bills are estimated bills. The estimate is based on the actual net tax bill of the previous fiscal year. The preliminary tax is due in two installments (August and November). Formula:  Actual for previous FY x 2.5% = X. (Actual + X) divided by 4.
Interest accrues at 14% on bills not paid on the due dates.  Any unpaid balances after May 1st may result in Tax Liens on the Real Estate Property and put into collection on the Personal Property Taxes.  Any Tax Liens are subject to interest rate of 16%.
The Tax Collector will advertise and place a Tax Lien on all unpaid Real Estate Property in the City of Haverhill.  Once a Tax Lien is established, it is recorded with the Registry of Deeds.  This process then allows the Treasurer to begin foreclosure proceedings in the Land Court for non-payment.  Current owners of the property will be notified by the Land Court before the property is foreclosed on.

Questions on Tax Liens:
Contact: Yenise Rozon  978-420-3641
Email: Yenise Rozon

New Owners:
If property changes hands after the January 1st assessment , the name on the tax bill must remain in the name of the owner as of January 1st . The new owner must contact the Assessors office at 978-374-2316 to have a duplicate bill mailed to the new owner.

Mortgage Companies:
A tax bill is generated for every parcel in the City and mailed to homeowners. Please note that mortgage companies typically take tax payment funds from your escrow account a month before the tax due date in order to pay your taxes on time.  Mortgage companies and tax servicing companies receive an electronic file from the City, they choose the accounts they wish to pay upon and return the  file to the city with their remittance. The city posts the file, updating the real estate tax accounts as paid. 
Tax bills by law are mailed to the homeowner as of January 1st . If your taxes are escrowed, you may have to supply the mortgage company
with the tax information or copy of bill.

Exemptions are applied to the February and May bills.  Bills are sent with the original tax due, therefore it is up to the customer to take off half the exemption on each bill. (ex> $725.00 each quarter tax due- $500.00 exemption- take off $250.00 on each quarter= pay $475.00)

Abatements on the property, may be taken off the 4th quarter tax that is due May 1st.
Abatement applications MUST be in the Assessors Office on or before February 1st.

Please inquire about Exemptions and Abatements with the Assessors Office at 978-374-2316.