Vendor Checks

The Treasurer usually will receive vendor checks from the Auditor's office once a week. Once proven, the checks are combined with remittance advices and prepared for mailing. Checks are generally mailed each Friday.

The Treasurer's Office does not approve bills for payment. Each city department is responsible for submitting their bills to the city Auditor's office for approval. Once approved, the bills are placed on the city's weekly warrant for payment. If you wish to check on the status of a payment, you must obtain the warrant number from the department submitting the bill. Once you know the warrant number, the Treasurer's Office can give you an approximate mailing date of the checks on that warrant.

If you have lost a vendor check, please contact the Treasurer's Office for replacement. Again, you will need the warrant number and, if possible, the check number. The Treasurer's Office will place a stop payment on the original check and issue a replacement. The replacement check will not be issued until the stop payment confirmation is received from the bank. This may take approximately one week.

Please deposit your checks promptly. Checks older than 180 days may no longer be valid.