Fire Alarm Division

The Fire Alarm division is located within the Public Safety Complex at 40 Bailey Blvd. The Fire Alarm division is responsible receiving and dispatching all Fire, EMS, and Public service related calls for the City of Haverhill. All personnel assigned to dispatch are certified in emergency telecommunications and emergency medical dispatching. The Fire Alarm division dispatched over 14,000 calls for the City of Haverhill in 2016. In addition to emergency dispatch, the fire alarm division is responsible for the maintenance of all traffic control devices within the city. They also maintain the street boxes and master boxes located throughout the City.

The Haverhill Fire department frequencies are 154.3625 (Primary) and 159.3075 (Fire-ground). You can listen to our live feed by clicking on the link below

Non-Emergency Numbers: (978) 373-3833

Fire Alarm Supervisor: Lieutenant Roger Moses -

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