Forest Cutting Plans

As stewards of our forests, there are two documents to be particularly familiar with - a Forest Management Plan (also referred to as a Forest Stewardship Plan) and a Forest Cutting Plan.  Both Plans are prepared by Massachusetts-licensed Consulting Foresters and both are subject to the review and approval of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.  

Cutting Plans detail how a proposed harvest will improve, maintain, and protect the subject forest for the purpose of conserving water, preventing floods and soil erosion, improving the conditions for wildlife and recreation, protecting and improving air and water quality, and providing a continuing and increasing supply of forest products.  The Cutting Plan is meant to satisfy the Massachusetts Forest Cutting Practices Act, but more importantly, it explains the proposed harvest to the landowner and reflects the landowner's objectives for the land.  To see a blank Forest Cutting Plan, including a Landowner Information Sheet, look here.  Below, you'll find links to the Cutting Plans that are either under review, approved, or completed for Haverhill's forests.  In each Plan, you'll see that the City of Haverhill is managing its forests to achieve Long-Term goals.

Meadow Brook Conservation Area - West Side - 1st Draft Plan Posted 11.02.18 for Public Review and Comment.

Lake Saltonstall - Birchbrow Estate Plan - Plan Posted 7.20.18.  Plan Approved 9.04.18.

Winnekenni Park Conservation Area - Merrill Trail Section and Castle Vista Plan - Draft Plan Posted 11.25.14 for Public Review and Comment. Updated Draft Posted 12.17.15 for Public Review and Comment. Plan Approved 12.07.16.  Harvest COMPLETED in 2018.

Crystal Lake East End  - Draft Plan Posted 08.26.16 for Public Review and Comment. Signed Plan Posted 09.23.16 for Public Review and Comment. Plan Approved 12.07.16.  Harvest COMPLETED in 2017.

Upper East Meadow River - Brandy Brow Road Area - Haverhill Land in Merrimac, MA  - Plan Approved 11.00.13.  Plan Expired 11.00.15.  Harvest COMPLETED in 2014.

Winnekenni Park Conservation Area - Hemlock Salvage Plan - Plan Approved 11.12.13.  Plan Expired 10.00.15.  Harvest COMPLETED in 2014.

Clement Farm Conservation Area - Plan Approved 11.04.12.  Plan Expired 10.29.14.  Harvest COMPLETED in 2013.