Harbor Commission meeting January 25,2022

The meeting commenced at 5:30PM in Rm. 301 City Hall,Haverhill,MA. 
Attendees on the Commission present were: Alan Foucault,Phil Wysocki,Jess Winiecki,Mike Vets, William Laliberty,Sam Amari Jr.

Captain Paul Aziz,owner of the established Yankee Clipper Tours of Newburyport,MA, spoke about his business plan to operate a passenger vessel for Merrimack River tours in Haverhill starting June,2022 . He discussed the boat in detail,his dedication to access all permits through the U.S.Coast Guard,state,and local permitting agencies. He will acquire all permits for food,alcoholic beverages from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts,etc.
He discussed in detail,needs for this boat concerning dockage on Haverhill's public docks,as well as access to such ancillary needs such as water hookup,sewage pumpout access,trash disposal,sineage,generator,and one parking space to accommodate his supply trailer. Also request for security cameras were mentioned.
Harbormaster Mike Vets told him that it appears that these could all be met with some effort.
Captain Aziz assured that he will do everything possible to provide professional, river-based ecotourism to the downtown Haverhill area as he has done for years in Newburyport. He also plans on doing some pro-bono work for wildlife refuge and  local charitable groups.
He intends to have daily excursions with narrated tours,as well as sunset cruises on Thursdays,Fridays,and Saturdays. He wants to establish the boat near the Haverhill kayak business and use 
He intends to get back with further details on this endeaver in a month or so. He will provide the Commission copies of all permits,insurance forms,and Coast Guard paperwork as it becomes available.

A vote by the Commission to ALLOW Captain Aziz to move forward with his business plan and endeavor was UNANIMOUS,6-0. Voting in favor was Al Foucault,Phil Wysocki,Jess Winiecki,Mike Vets,William Laliberty,Sam Amari. (Member Dougan Sherwood was absent)

The meeting was adjourned at 6:10 PM