Minutes of the Haverhill Harbor Commission meeting, August 24,2021

 August 24,2021        Members in attendance: Dougan Sherwood,Phil Wysocki,Jessica Winiecki,Alan Foucault,Haverhill Fire Chief Bill Laliberty (ret.).Harbormaster Mike Vets,Sam Amari,Jr.

Discussions concerning rulings of HHC to be posted on either the City of Haverhill web page and/or under the Haverhill Fire Dept. listing. People could get there by going to Department heading,then go Fire Dept.,then to Harbor Commission.  It would be wise to discuss with Karen Buckley,City Solicitor Bill Cox,and/or any other city official to coume up with an easy solution like other sites,such as the town of Salisbury,MA website...Chief Bill Laliberty (ret.) and Chief Robert O'Brien will contact city web managers to find the best solutions for our postings and get back to us next meeting or sooner.  The need for easier access to links for paying waterways fees,etc., as well as a space for public to access meeting minutes is needed and should now be a top priority.

A vote to institute a web page for the Haverhill Harbor Commission was unanimous by all in attendance this evening.

A vote for assessing $100/day fo violations on unauthorized docking on Haverhill docks on Haverhill waterways was unanimous by all members in attendance.  A request for sineage was also adopted.

A discussion of Boating Chapter 90B Rules and Regulations was had by Bill Laliberty and members and a vote was unanimous by all present members to incorporate their violations and penalties. I presented a copy of the fines,etc.,to Harbormaster Mike Vets for this reference (http://mass.harbormasters.org/cheatsheet.pdf)

A discussion of Chapter 102 Harbor Regulations Article III. Use Regulations 102-13 Violations and penalties  from the Salisbury,MA town website was had and described by Bill Liberty and we agreed unanimously to adopt these regulations as stated on their site rather than try to "re-invent the whees" (https:ecode360.com/10444737)

Harbormaster Mike Vets challenged member Phil Wysocki to get him a source for the orange "warning stickers" used in Salisbury,MA for boats with potential violation issues.

Meeting adjourned at 6:20 PM