Construction Fees

Municipal Ordinance §120-11. Fees. [Amended 1-18-1977 by Doc. 5; 8-11-1981 by Doc. 151-B, 6-14-1983 by Doc.110, 1-28-1992 by Doc 23. 5-21-2002 by Doc 75,   7-24-2015 by Doc 89] 

Building Permits and Fees.

  1.  A building permit is not required for non-structural repairs one thousand ($1,000.) for labor and materials. However, notification of the Building Inspection Department by phone or mail prior to starting repairs is mandatory in order to be sure repairs are made in compliance with the Massachusetts Building Code. Said repairs shall consist of only actual out-of-pocket costs and disbursements.
  2. New construction: permit application of fifty dollars ($50.) for the first 2,000 plus fourteen dollars ($14.) per one thousand dollars ($1,000.), or portion thereof, with no maximum. New residential occupancy fee of fifty dollars ($50.) to be included at time of building permit issuance.
  3. Prior to a building permit being issued for new construction, a site plan must be filed. A site plan review fee of $100 shall be charge and paid.
  4. Alterations, additions, and repairs: permit application of fifty dollars ($50.) for the first two thousand dollars ($2,000.) plus fourteen dollars ($14.) for each additional thousand dollars or portion thereof.
  5. Any reinspection shall be subject to a fee of $25.
  6. Certificate of occupancy.
    1. Occupancy permits for new homes or complete remodel of existing homes ($50.)
    2. Temporary occupancy permits: fifty dollars ($50.)
    3. Each additional inspection for occupancy permit where violations are found: twenty dollars ($20.)
    4. Commercial buildings: one hundred dollars ($100.) per five (5) years.
  7. Certification of buildings will be done in accordance to fees outlined in the Massachusetts State Building Code, and in cases where violations are found, an additional fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.) per inspection will be charged.
  8. All fees will be doubled in the event work is started before a permits is obtained or permission is granted by the Inspector.
  9. Demolition: twenty-five dollars ($25.) for each floor to be demolished, plus an additional thirty-five ($35.) dollars for application fee.
  10. Removal of Stop Work Orders: fifty dollars ($50.)
  11. Amusement parks, equipment, tents etc. twenty dollars ($20.) per unit.
  12. Requested inspection of existing buildings: fifty dollars ($50.)
  13. Foundation Permits:
    1. Residential foundation $75.00
    2. Commercial foundation  $0.20 per linear foot
    3. Multi-family dwellings, attached: $75.00 per unit.
  14. Moving permits.
    1. Dwelling and large structures: two hundred dollars ($200.) minimum
    2. Less than ten by twenty (10x20) feet that require use of state, county, or town roads: twenty-five dollars ($25.)
  15. Signs: twenty-five dollars ($25.) plus fifteen dollars ($15.) per one thousand or portion thereof after the first one thousand dollars ($1,000.)
  16. Air conditioning, except units included under the original building permit (central air or where structural alterations are required): fifteen dollars ($15.) plus ten dollars ($10.) per one thousand dollars ($1,000) or portion thereof.
  17. Heating alterations permit application: twenty-five dollars ($25.) plus twelve dollars ($12.) per one thousand or portion thereof.
  18. Change of ownership permit: fifty dollars ($50.)
  19. Construction trailer and/or emergency mobile home: fifty dollars ($50.) Storage trailer permit fee: fifty dollars ($50.)
  20. Gravel removal permits: fifty dollars ($50.)
  21. Permit renewals: twenty-five dollars ($25.00)
  22. Solid fuel burning stove permits and chimney permits: thirty dollars ($30.)
  23. Zoning verification for business certificates: ten dollars ($10.00)
  24. Conformance to zoning affidavit: twenty-five dollars ($25.00)

Electrical Fees:                                                                                    


New House with 100 Amp Service                                        Total Fee $250.00
New House with 200 Amp Service                                        Total Fee $250.00
New House with 400 Amp Service                                        Total Fee $250.00
Dwelling Units New/Remodel Each Unit                                              $125.00
Minimum Electrical Permit                                                                       $20.00
1-10 Devices                                                                                                   $25.00
Additional devices                                                                                        $  1.00
All appliances for remodel/alterations                                                    $20.00 each
100 Amp Service Change includes 1 meter                                              $40.00
200 Amp Service Change includes 1 meter                                              $60.00
Additional Meters                                                                                          $15.00 each
                    All Sub-panels ½ price of service for each panel up to 400A
Oil or Gas Heating Systems                                                                         $50.00
Swimming Pools (Above Ground)                                                              $50.00
Swimming Pools (In-Ground)                                                                     $75.00
Smoke Detectors                                                                                            $50.00
Fire Alarm System                                                                                         $50.00
Security System (Residential)                                                                     $50.00
Siding                                                                                                               $50.00
General Repairs Residential or Commercial                                           $50.00 


100 Amp Service – 1 Meter                                                                         $40.00
200 Amp Service – Additional Meters $20.00 each                             $50.00
400 Amp Service – Additional Meters $20.00 each                             $75.00
600 Amp Service – Additional Meters $20.00 each                             $100.00
800 Amp Service – Additional Meters $20.00 each                             $125.00
1000 Amp Service – Additional Meters $20.00 each                           $150.00
1200 Amp Service – Additional Meters $20.00 each                           $200.00
1500 Amp Service – Additional Meters $20.00 each                           $225.00
2000 Amp Service – Additional Meters $20.00 each                          $250.00
Temp Service                                                                                                 $50.00
Signs                                                                                                                $50.00 each
Air Conditioners Condenser & Air Handler                                           $75.00 each
Commercial Appliances                                                                             $50.00 each
Motors up to 10 horse power                                                                    $15.00 each
Each additional horse power                                                                    $  1.00
Smoke Detectors                                                                                         $50.00 base + $1.00 per device
Security System                                                                                           $50.00 base + $1.00 per device
General Repairs                                                                                           $30.00
1-10 Devices                                                                                                  $30.00
additional devices                                                                                        $  1.00
First 10 Kilowatts or kilovolt-amperes                                                    $20.00
Each additional kilowatt or kilovolt-ampere up 1,000                        $  1.00
Over 1,000 kilowatts or kilovolt-ampere up to 5,000                         $500.00
(includes all integral equipment and appurtences)
Over 5,000 kilowatts for kilovolt-ampere                                              $1,500.00
(includes all integral equipment and appurtences) 
Carnival, Circus, & Fairs                                                                            $125.00
Traffic Signals                                                                                              $40.00 per pole
Nursing Home Yearly Inspection                                                             $50.00
Remodeling Renovations, Repairing or Additions                              Same as New
Re-inspection Fee                                                                                       $25.00
Yearly Maintenance Permits (Jan. 1 – Dec 31st)                                   $150.00

Local regulations:

  1.  If applications are mailed, allow a minimum of three (3) working days for the permit to be issued prior to requesting inspection. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of the permit.
  2. It is required that electricians be present for any inspection.
  3. Service conductors are to be installed in approved raceways.
  4. Oil burners and gas burners shall have an emergency switch at the burner and outside the fire area and shall also have a firomatic thermal switch.
  5. Outdoor signs shall be on separate circuits, approved raceways outside of the building with a service disconnect switch.
  6. Installations shall be tested by the electrician for polarization, grounds and proper connection.
  7. There shall be no permit fee for work being done for the city.  

All fees will be doubled in the event that work is started before a permit is obtained or verbal permission is granted by the Plumbing/Gas Inspector.

Gas Fees:

                                    TYPE                                                               FEE

Replacement hot water heater                                                    $20.00
Residential (Per dwelling unit, plus $5.00per appliance)    $25.00
Commercial (Per unit, plus $20.00 per appliance)               $100.00
All elevated gas pressure permits, or appliance 200,000 btu and over
(in addition to unit and application charge)                           $50.00
Reinspection fee (for each notice)                                             $30.00

Plumbing Fees:

                                 TYPE                                                                   FEE
Replacement hot water tank                                                       $20.00
Residential(Per dwelling unit, plus $10.00 per fixture)       $50.00
Commercial (Per unit, plus $20.00 per fixture)                    $100.00
Remodel of water or waste piping only                                    $50.00
Cap sewer for demolition                                                            $100.00
Piping and treatment of special waste                                     $150.00
(plus $20.00 each fixture) Stamped drawings required.
Reinspection fee (for each notice)                                            $30.00
Commercial or Residential Water Main Backflow
Device  (+ $10. per fixture or device)                                       $50.00

Local Regulations:

  1. If applications are sent through the mail, allow a minimum of three days for the permit to be issued before starting work. Please call to verify that application has been received and processed. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of the permit. If any questions are not answered or information missing, the application will be returned.
  2. Requests for inspections shall be made no later than 9:00 a.m. for an inspection appointment on that day.
  3. This office shall be notified immediately when jobs are finished.

All fees will be doubled in the event that work is started before a permit is obtained or verbal permission is granted by the Plumbing/Gas Inspector.