Fencing Requirements for all Swimming Pools


The City of Haverhill Building Department and the State Department of Public Safety Board of Building Regulations and Standards recently put out an advisory relative to inflatable swimming pools.

Please note the following city ordinances and State Building Code:

City Ordinance Chapter 225 – Article II Fencing - 225-3 states “no swimming pool shall be maintained, constructed or installed unless it shall have a fence at least four (4) feet in height completely enclosing said pool”.

780 CMR Chapter 4, Section 421.10 requires minimum of a 48” barrier to enclose the pool.

Fence permits can be obtained in the Building Inspector’s office in Room 210 – 4 Summer Street.

A city plot plan indicating the location of the fence is required and that can be obtained in the Engineering Office – Room 214 – 4 Summer St.

The Electrical Inspector also advises that the filter/motor cords for inflatable swimming pools must be plugged into a Ground Fault Protected (GFI) Receptacle. If you are unsure of the receptacle you wish to use please call the Electrical Inspector at 978-374-2341.

Any questions, please call the Building Department at 978-374-2338.