Health & Inspections

The City of Haverhill Health & Inspection Services department is responsible for the enforcement of all federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to building, wiring, plumbing, gas, health and environmental issues. The department's ultimate responsibility is to protect the public health and assure that we live in a safe and environmentally sound community

Telephone: 978-374-2338
Fax: 978-374-2337
Contact: Health Department
Address: Health & Inspection Services 
City Hall, Room 214
4 Summer Street
Haverhill, MA 01830
General Code :
Haverhill's General Code - Including Zoning Chapter 255


Applications :
Body Art Establishment -Application
Body Art Practitioner -Application
Construction Fees
Construct New Residential Permit
Construct,Repair or Renovate Permit - Residential
Dumpster Permit
Electrical Work Permit (.pd)
Foundation Permit
Food Establishment Permit
Horse Stabling Permit
Gas Fitting Permit (.pdf)
Mobile Food Permit
Commercial / Industrial Building Permit
Percolation and Observation
Piggery/Keeping of Pigs Permit
Plumbing Permit (.pdf)
Temporary Food Permit
Tobacco Control Regulation
Waste Haulers Permit
Well and Pump Permit
Zoning Approval Form Business Certificate

Online Permit Center--apply for permits online
Burial Permit

Helpful Information: 

Board of Health Members:

  • Chairperson, Peter Carbone
  • Board Member, Dr. Alexander Matolcsy
  • Board Member, Dr. Romie Mundy