Inspectional Services Department

The City of Haverhill Inspectional Services Department is responsible for the enforcement of all federal, state and local laws and regulations pertaining to building, wiring, plumbing, gas, health and environmental issues. The department's ultimate responsibility is to protect the public health and assure that we live in a safe and environmentally sound community.

                                         DEPARTMENT CONTACTS
Director, Richard MacDonald   Tel# 978-374-2338
Deputy Director, Bonnie Dufresne  Tel# 978-420-3665 

Building Division:
Building Commissioner, Thomas Bridgewater  Tel# 978-420-3670
Local Building Inspector, Paul Viliott  Tel# 978-420-3672
Plumbing/Gas Inspector, Tel# 978-420-3667

Electrical Inspector, Robert Pigeon Tel# 978-420-3669

Sanitary/Compliance Inspectors Division:
Sanitary/Compliance/Septic Inspector,  Mark Tolman Tel# 978-420-3668
Sr. Sanitary Inspector, Karin Devlin Tel# 978-420-3660
Compliance/Septic/Building Inspector, Timothy Wicks Tel# 978-420-3671
Sr. Sanitary Inspector, Neil Gouveia Tel# 978-420-3673
Sr. Sanitary Inspector, Miguel Nieto Tel# 978-420-3680
Sanitary Inspector, Melissa Navichoque Tel# 978-420-3675

Clerical Staff:
Yumira Ortiz, Chief Administrative Clerk, Tel # 978-420-3663

Elsy Rivas, Head Clerk, Tel# 978-420-3662

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Helpful Information: 

Inspectional Services Department
City Hall, Room 214
4 Summer St., 
Haverhill, MA 01830

Main Telephone Number:

Fax Number: 978-374-2337

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WNV- West Nile Virus - English
EEE - Eastern Equine Encephalitis - English

WNV - West Nile Virus - Spanish
EEE - Eastern Equine Encephalitis- Spanish 
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