Mobile Food Permit



Mobile food operations not equipped with an adequate water and waste water system to facilitate hand-washing and the cleaning and the sanitizing of utensils shall be limited to the preparation and service of hot-dogs, pre-packaged foods and the sale of prepackaged food prepared at a licensed food processing plant or at a licensed food establishment for which he or she holds a permit in (590.09B2).

Mobile food operations equipped with an adequate water and waste water system to facilitate hand-washing and the cleaning and the sanitizing of utensils may prepare potentially hazardous foods requiring limited preparation for immediate service (590.009 B3).

FOOD SOURCE _______________________

(Name of approved source)

 Bulk foods must be purchased from an approved source.

Potentially Hazardous Foods must be sold the same day purchased.

LICENSED ESTABLISHMENT ________________________

(Name of establishment and copy of license)

Advanced food preparation must be conducted by the mobile operator in a licensed

food establishment.

Mobile operation shall operate from a fixed, licensed establishment or processing  plant.



Designate clearly on plan equipment location; refrigeration, hot-holding, hand-wash sink and sink for cleaning and sanitizing utensils.

Mobile operations which cook food for hot holding shall be fully enclosed.

Effective shields shall provided when necessary to prevent consumers from contaminating food



Submit a copy with application.

1.Will raw meats, poultry and seafood be stored in the same refrigerators with cooked/ready-to-eat foods? Yes / No

If yes, how will cross-contamination be prevented?




2.Does each refrigerator have a thermometer? Yes / No

Number of refrigeration units:_____


3.COOKING: Will food product thermometers be used to measure final cooking/reheating temperatures of PHF's? Yes / No

4.HOT/COLD HOLDING: How will hot PHF's be maintained at 140 F or above during holding for service? Indicate




5. How will hot PHF's be maintained at 40 F or below during holding for service?



6. PREPARATION: Will disposable gloves, utensils or food grade paper be used to prevent handling of ready-to-eat foods? Yes / No


7. SANITATION: How will cooking food contact surfaces which cannot be submerged in sinks or put through a dishwasher be sanitized?

Chemical Type:_______________

Concentration: _______________

Test Kit: Yes / No

8.What is the procedure for manual cleaning?




9.HAND-WASHING: Is hand cleanser and paper towels available at each sink? Yes / No