Foundation Permit For New Construction


Steps To Obtain A Foundation Permit For New Construction

Inspectors are in the office from 8-9 a.m. and from 3-4 p.m. 

Gather Preliminary Information (responsibility of the applicant):

  1. Go to assessors to receive map block and lot information required for site plan (see site plan step below) Room 115 MAP _____ Block _______ LOT _____
  2. If needed, obtain 2 plot plans from City Engineer's office showing the address, dimensions and location of proposed foundation. This information must be included in the site plan (see site plan step below) Room 300

Pay Fees (responsibility of the applicant):   Foundation fee for each free standing dwelling unit $75.00

  1. TREASURERS OFFICE REVIEW: Treasurers office will check for any monies due to the City on the parcel of land specified by the Assessors. NO PERMITS CAN BE ISSUED IF BACK TAXES OR FEES ARE DUE. Room 114 (Date and initials must be provided). NO FEES OR TAXES ARE DUE

    ____________ ____________
  2. INFRASTRUCTURE FEE: If connection to city sewer is made an infrastructure fee must be paid. Pay this in the Water Dept. Room 300 and file receipt with building inspector.

Obtain Related Permits (responsibility of the applicant):

  1. SEWER ENTRY PERMITS (IF APPLICABLE) When City sewer is to be used, a licensed Drain layer must obtain a sewer entrance permit from the City Engineer's office. Room 300
  2. SMOKE DETECTOR PERMIT/SPRINKLER PERMIT Permits must be obtained from the Fire Dept. If residential fire sprinklers are required, an application and set of plans must be submitted to the Fire Dept. for approval prior to issuance of foundation permit. Room 113, City Hall.
  3. WATER DEPARTMENT PERMITS Obtain paperwork from the Water Dept. Room 300. Have your licensed plumber or Professional Engineer fill it out and return it to the Water Dept. at 125 Amesbury Rd. to obtain a letter that states city water is available.
  4. SEPTIC SYSTEM PERMITS (IF APPLICABLE)If septic system is being used, obtain a disposal works permit from the Health dept. A lot plan stamped by Conservation must be submitted along with the application. Room 210
  5. WELL PERMITS (IF APPLICABLE) Applications for well permits must be obtained from the Health Dept. A copy of the well permit, well completion report, and water analysis must be submitted. Water Analysis must be signed and approved by a Health Inspector. Health Dept. Room 210
  6. DISCHARGE PERMITS - all industrial, commercial and retail sewer users are required to obtain a sewer discharge permit prior to being allowed to tie into the City’s sewerage system. For additional information,  Pretreatment Coordinator at 978-374-2382, a copy of the application form can be picked up at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, 40 South Porter Street.

Provide permits and evidence of all steps above DIRECTLY to the building inspector.