Household Hazardous Waste

The City provides two (2) annual Household Hazardous Waste drop-off events.
One in the Spring, one in the Fall.

Scheduled for Saturday, March 18, 2023

And a FALL event for Saturday, October 14, 2023

Held at: Wastewater Treatment Plant -40 South Porter St, from 9 AM until noon.

If you can't attend the city's event there are a few 3rd party companies that do accept material by appointment -for a nominal fee (link).

What Hazardous Products Can I Bring?

General Household Materials

  •   Acids (corrosives) 
  •   Aerosol cans (excluding empty   cans) 
  •   Art supplies 
  •   Batteries - Alkaline batteries   manufactured before 1994 and all NiCad, button, zinc and lithium   batteries 
  •   Chemistry set chemicals 
  •   Fiberglass resins 
  •   Furniture, floor, metal polishes and   strippers 
  •   Hobby supplies (rubber cement, airplane   glue etc.) 
  •   Mercury containing devices (switches,   thermostats, fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent bulbs (energy efficient   bulbs), broken fluorescent bulbs, thermometers, blood pressure   equipment) 
  •   Moth balls/crystals 
  •   Oil paint and paint thinners, varnish,   stain and shellac (no Latex Paint is allowed)  
  •   Paint Strippers 
  •   Photography chemicals 
  •   Rug and upholstery cleaners 
  •   Solvent adhesives 
  •   Turpentine and other paint   solvents 
  •   Wood preservatives

Bathroom Products

  •   Hair dye 
  •   Nail polish remover 
  •   Toilet cleaners

  Laundry Materials

  •   Brighteners 
  •   Chlorine bleach 
  •   Spot removers 
  •   Spray starch 
  •   Whiteners

  Kitchen Materials

  •   Drain cleaners 
  •   Lighter fluids 
  •   Oven cleaners

Lawn and Garden Materials

  •   Cesspool cleaners (corrosives) 
  •   Flammable liquids/Gasoline 
  •   Flea and tick powders 
  •   Fire starters 
  •   Fungicides 
  •   Herbicides 
  •   Insecticides 
  •   No-pest strips 
  •   Pesticides 
  •   Poisons 
  •   Pool chemicals 

 Automotive Products

  •   Antifreeze 
  •    Brake fluid 
  •   Carburetor cleaner 
  •   Radiator flush 
  •   Solvents and degreasers 
  •   Tire cleaners 
  •   Transmission fluid 
  •   Waste fuels (gasoline, kerosene, etc.)

Do Not Bring:

  • Ammunition, Fireworks, Explosives 
  • Asbestos 
  • Commercial hazardous waste  
  • Construction waste/building materials  
  • CRT's, computer monitors, television sets* 
  • Empty aerosol cans 
  • Auto Batteries*
  • Fire extinguishers*
  • Gas cylinders (other than propane)*  
  • Latex Paint - dried out latex paint can be disposed of with your regular trash curbside
  • Medicines or syringes - medical waste can be dropped off Walgreens (on Main St)
  • PCB's  
  • Radioactive materials  
  • Used Motor Oil (bring to Recycle Center -last Saturday of each month)
  • Smoke Detectors -they go in the regular trash.
  • Propane Tanks*
  • Tires*

*Bring to Recycle Center Sat 8am-1pm -Additional Cost

 To Ensure Safety:

  • NEVER SMOKE while handling hazardous materials
  • Do not place waste in plastic garbage bags
  • Tighten caps and lids leaving material in original labeled containers
  • Sort and pack paint, pesticides and household cleaners separately
  • Pack containers in sturdy upright boxes and pad with newspaper
  • Pack your vehicle and go directly