Sanitary Inspectors


(Inspectors are 
available at
these times)
8 am-9 am
3 pm-4 pm
Telephone: 978-374-2338
Fax: 978-374-2337
Inspectors: Karen Devlin
Tim Wicks
Mark Tolman,
Neil Gouveia,
Miguel Nieto,

Address: Health & Inspection Services 
City Hall, Room 214
4 Summer Street
Haverhill, MA 01830

Sanitary Inspector's Responsibilities:

  • Conduct routine inspectional activities of food service establishments to assure safe, wholesome and sanitary food and food products, wherever produced, processed, distributed, transported or served
  • Authorize issuance of licenses and permits for food establishments, or deny when necessary. Investigate food borne illnesses
  • Inspect premises where animals are stabled, for the purpose of granting a permit
  • Inspect recreational areas and water to assure that recreational and swimming areas are designed and maintained so as to prevent health and safety problems
  • Conduct routine housing (shelter) inspections to assure adequate, safe and healthful housing for all people
  • Observe and record general conditions present
  • Identify deficiencies and violations
  • Interview people on-site for additional information
  • Conduct follow-up re-inspections
  • Submit findings and recommendations to supervisor
  • Compile and submit a detailed report of findings to supervisor
  • Request and refer to appropriate departments when technical expertise is required
  • Inspect dwellings that are to be rented for code compliance; issue or deny rental permits.
  • Conduct percolation tests to determine the suitability of the soil for the installation of subsurface sewage disposal systems. Responsible for examining deep observation holes to determine the character of the soil in the proposed leaching area, and specifically to determine the ground water elevation and the presence of bedrock or impervious material.
  • Authorize and issue permits for the installation of wells
  • Investigate nuisance complaints and conducts follow-up inspections to assure compliance
  • Review all plans submitted from the Economic Development and Planning Department on proposed new developments and submits written comments and recommendations pertaining to said plan. Any other related duties.

The Sanitary Inspectors are responsible for the enforcement of the State Sanitary Code Articles I through X, and the State Environmental Codes.