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All sign permit applications must be reviewed by a Building Inspector prior to being typed to make sure they meet the zoning requirements for the zone the property is located in.

A drawing of the proposed sign must be submitted for approval for Square Footage, Illumination, Text, Shape, verbage and/or all other applicable requirements in accordance with City of Haverhill Zoning Chapter 255.

1. Signs located in the downtown Washington St.: Historic Commission District require Historic Commission approval prior to issuance. (Sandra Palmer- Room 309)

2. Signs overhanging a public way: applicants must go to the City Clerk (room 118) to fill out an application in duplicate. Sign permit bond in the amount of $25,000 or provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Haverhill Additional Insured. Once completed bring the application and the sketch to the Building Inspector's office for his signature (and the Electrical Inspector's signature if the sign is to be internally illuminated) return it to the City Clerk's office. The Clerk's office will obtain any other signatures required and forward to the Building Inspector's office a copy of the application and bond notation.

3. Illuminated signs require an electrical permit on file prior to the issuance of the sign permit.

4. Free standing signs require city plot plans from the Engineer's office (room 300) and Conservation Department approval (room 300)

5. Allsigns require a sketch showing dimensions, location and verbage.