Eligibility Requirements

Applicant Eligibility

Eligible applicants are limited to owner-occupied, low and moderate income households who reside in single-family, two-family, three-family, or four-family residential dwellings. 

The Applicant’s total household annual income must be at or below 80% of median income for the Lawrence, MA- NH HMFA as established by HUD and revised annually.  

    • Current income limits are as follows:
        Family Size     
        Income Limit   
       1  $62,600
       2  $71,550
       3  $80,500
       4  $89,400
       5  $96,600
       6  $103,750
       7  $110,900
       8  $118,050

                      *Limits effective June 15th, 2022

All units in multi-family dwellings assisted with HRCCP funds must be occupied by income eligible homeowners and tenants.  If a rental unit is occupied by a tenant who is determined to be “over-income” that unit shall not be eligible for HRCCP assistance.

Income of all household residents, age 18 and older, will be included in the income determination.  Income verification by HRCCP staff is required.  Applicants must provide all necessary information at time of application.  Failure to provide all required documentation may result in the denial of the application. 

Homeowners who have received financial assistance from HRCCP within the past 10 years are not eligible to apply.  This provision does not pertain to properties in which a genuine emergency condition exists.

Property Eligibility

The property to be rehabilitated must be owner-occupied. 

Eligible properties are located in targeted low and moderate income inner-city neighborhoods (“the Target Area”) established by HUD based on US Census data (determined by factors such as median income, age of housing stock, and poverty/unemployment rates).  The parameters of the designated inner-city neighborhoods may change periodically to reflect shifts in Census data and/or City policy.  The HRCCP retains the right to assist properties in documented cases of emergency and/or instances of unusual hardship.

If eligible, the HRCCP will pay up to 100% of all code related improvement costs, based on household income and size.  Properties receiving HRCCP assistance must be economically feasible for rehabilitation. If costs for repair exceed the program limits, or a home is in such disrepair that the costs are not justifiable, the property may not be eligible for HRCCP funds.

The HRCCP retains the right to deny assistance in cases involving the remedy of major code defects when rehabilitation costs are found to be excessive and/or unreasonable.