Non-Eligible HRCCP Activities

In general, cosmetic improvements that are not essential to the long-term structural integrity of the dwelling and/or unrelated to the health and safety of the occupants are
not eligible HRCCP activities and will not be authorized.  Cosmetic improvements are defined as the replacement of code compliant existing conditions in favor of the use of luxury – high grade materials. 

Non-eligible HRCCP activities include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Reimbursement for an owner’s personal labor
    • Room additions and extensions
    • Demolition that does not improve the existing structure
    • Siding, painting (except in cases affecting habitability), and steam cleaning of exterior
    • Appliances (except built-in stove, cook-top and garbage disposal when the existing is hazardous and beyond repair)
    • External-detached garages
    • Free standing concrete block walls
    • Bathhouses, swimming pools, saunas, hot tubs, tennis courts, barbecue pits/outdoor fireplaces, kennels, flower boxes, greenhouses, and TV antennas / satellite dishes
    • Interior wood paneling, photo murals, bookcases, and dumbwaiters
    • Purchase, installation or repair of furnishings, including window treatments of any kind
    • Burglar alarms

Materials, fixtures, or equipment of a type or quality which exceeds the standards used are also not generally eligible.